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Title: 探討裝機施工時間對服務品質與顧客滿意度之影響-以中華電信公司為例
Impact of Equipment Installation Time on Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction - A Case of Chunghwa Telecom
Authors: 施人英
Shih, Jen-Ying
Hsu, Yi-Jen
Keywords: 裝機施工時間
installation time
service quality
customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究是專注於工務體系與客戶第一次裝機時所接觸到的裝機施工時間來探討服務品質與顧客滿意度之影響。參考了許多對於服務品質的相關文件,大多數都是透過問卷方式取得相關研究,少有客戶已有實際接觸後取得的訪談資料,這次研究因職務上業務需要管控裝機工務單位績效,透過大數據彙整去除個資資料後,進行本論文的研究資料。 在資料篩選上少有人使用全區域方式進行分析,許多研究論文多屬於單一縣市的營運處或者是其一分公司來探討,這次研究補足了以往無法達到全區域性的檢視及探討,由於現在電腦硬體的進步及應用軟體的提升,讓這些大資料庫的資料在電腦執行時不會運算過久。 本論文採裝機完成的客戶為研究對象,進行事後檢定分析後,共計有效樣本10,151份。研究結果顯示: (一)北、南分公司對於施工時間、品質、人員及整體評估滿意度有顯著性差異。 (二)北分公司所屬直轄市與非直轄市對於施工時間滿意度優於南分公司非直轄市。 (三)人口總數對於施工時間滿意度有顯著差異。不足100萬人偏鄉地區品質、人員及整體評估滿意度屬於不敏感型。100萬人以上中都市對於品質、人員及整體評估滿意度要求很高。 (四)施工時間長短對於施工時間滿意度有顯著差異,客戶容許天數約7天以內完工。 (五)工法對於各項滿意度沒有顯著差異。
This research focuses on the construction time of the system and the customer's first installation time to discuss the impact of service quality and customer satisfaction. Referring to many relevant literatures on service quality, most of which are related to the research through questionnaire survey, and few interview data obtained after the customer has actually contacted. This study needs to control the performance of the installed engineering unit due to the business on the job. After collecting relevant data with consideration of removing personal identification data column, this research applies ANOVA analysis on the data set. Few people use the whole-region method to analyze data. Many researches belong to the operation office of a single county or a branch company to discuss this issue. This research complements the previous inspection and discussion that cannot reach the whole region analysis. With the advancement of computer hardware and the improvement of application software, it is feasible to conduct the analysis efficiently. After the post-examination verification analysis, a total of 10,151 valid samples were taken. Research results show the findings: (1) Comparison between North and South areas have significant differences in construction time, quality, personnel and overall assessment satisfaction. (2) In terms of the construction time, the customer satisfaction of the municipality area and that of the non-municipal city in the North branch are superior to that of the non-municipal city in the South branch. (3) Population size has a significant impact on customer satisfaction of construction time. Less than 1 million people in rural areas are insensitive in terms of quality, personnel and overall satisfaction. Cities with more than 1 million people have high requirements for quality, personnel, and overall satisfaction. (4) The length of construction time has a significant difference to the satisfaction of construction time. The customer allows for completion within 7 days. (5) There is no significant difference in the satisfaction of construction methods with each method, but it is the key to everything.
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