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Title: 娛樂產業新媒體創新創業策略之探討-以影音串流業為例
Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy of New Media in Entertainment Industry: A Case Study of Video Streaming Industry
Authors: 董澤平
Dong, Tse-Ping
Yin, Hsueh-Ping
Keywords: 家庭娛樂
Home Entertainment
New Media
Video Streaming
Innovative Business Models
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 科技的演進和消費者的個人化需求驅動整個娛樂媒體產業的革新,家庭娛樂媒體歷經主要三波的硬體格式變革,2000年後網際網路的發展的實體與線上影音串流之爭,娛樂媒體的變化尤其劇烈,影視娛樂產業鏈內容產製和發行的上下游變化。 而在娛樂產業新媒體的發展歷程和趨勢中發現,面對新科技帶來的破壞性創新和消費者行為改的改變,曾經引領市場風騷的實體家庭影音產業漸成為時代的眼淚淡出市場;內容整合者如何在這波新媒體中重新佈局面對挑戰取得市場競爭優勢, OTT去中間化的本質,內容代理商的角色與機會又是如何? 本研究選定擁有經營實體與線上DVD租售的專業內容業者作為個案研究樣本,分析在新媒體的影音串流的娛樂的時代,面對「在內容為王,平台為后」的市場的趨勢中,在各類態的競爭者中以如何持續運用內容創新商業模式或達到企業轉型的目的。研究發現在不可逆的影音串流娛樂趨勢下,平台的核心仍為獨特內容和會員服務,原創自製內容IP的開發、海外市場佈局、本土業者整併合作將是發展機會,政府產製輔導與法規面的完善也有助於市場公平競爭。
The evolution of technology and consumers’ personal needs have driven the innovation of the entire entertainment media industry. Home entertainment media has undergone major three waves of hardware format changes. After 2000, the development of the Internet and the battle between online video streaming, particularly dramatically changed the Entertainment industry from production to distribution. In the development process and trend of new media in the entertainment industry, it is found that facing the disruptive innovations by new technologies and consumer behavior changes, the physical home entertainment industry that once dominated the market is gradually becoming the tears of the times. The essence of OTT decentralization, how content aggregator to find the new business model and capabilities to meet the market needs and play the important role. This study selects a case study sample of professional content providers with operating physical and online DVD rental sales, and analyzes the trend of the market where "content is king, platform is queen" in the era of entertainment of new streaming media and how to meet the innovate of enterprise transformation. The research found that the core of the streaming platform is the unique content and membership services. The development of original content IP, local industry partners integration will be the opportunities to meet the streaming era;the resources from government in production guidance;regulation overseas OTT player will also help the healthy market in fair competition.
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