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Title: 建構企業永續工業4.0系統架構之探討
The Probe of Developing Corporate Sustainable Industry 4.0 System
Authors: 賴香菊
Lu, Cheng-Chuan
Keywords: 工業4.0
Industry 4.0
Intelligence Factory
Intelligence Manufacturing
Sustainable development
Intelligent Engineering Technology
System Integration
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 資訊科技的蓬勃發展對人類生活型態及互動,以及對產業之生產模式、企業組織及營運模式等影響深遠,進而客戶需求與市場趨勢不斷改變。近年全球經濟與產業環境變化快速,勞動人力成本大幅增加,原物料價格高漲,相關環保法規更趨嚴峻,雖然目前大部分企業及工廠皆已達到自動化及e化程度,企業經營仍面臨很大的困難與挑戰。本研究運用現代化資訊科技工業4.0技術,認為企業必須由自動化及e化朝向智慧化,既有工廠控制系統及MES已不敷實用,必須加入可大量即時感測收集相關數據之物聯網,並運用大數據進行數據整理分析,再由人工智慧學習模擬預測,整合為工廠系統所需之智慧工廠系統架構。進而將企業與各地工廠人力及資源整合,導入企業資源規劃系統,再整合上游供應鏈管理以有效提升原物料資源效用,及整合產品下游之顧客關係管理即時反應客戶及市場需求,進而建構企業系統之智慧製造系統架構。這當中,必須再融入企業永續理念,投入節能環保及公益行動之營運策略,善盡企業社責任,整合為企業永續工業4.0系統架構,以滿足客戶及市場需求,提升企業獲利及競爭力。企業永續工業4.0系統架構的落實,必須在企業建廠初期,就委由有經驗之工程技術顧問公司進行詳盡規劃設計,並適時導入智慧工程技術整合系統,方能落實永續工業4.0系統架構,同時創造企業價值與客戶價值,並達到企業永續經營目標。
The vigorous development of information technology has had a profound impact on the patterns and interactions of human life, as well as on the production patterns of the industry, the organization of corporates and the mode of operation, which has led to changing customer demand and market trends. In recent years, the global economy and industrial environment change rapidly, labor costs and raw material prices increase significantly, and related environmental regulations are more severe, although most corporates and factories have reached the level of automation and e-degree, business operations are still facing great difficulties and challenges. This study uses modern IT industry 4.0 technology, believes that corporates must move from automation and e-degree towards intelligence, both factory control systems and MES are not practical, must introduce the Internet of Things to collect relevant huge data by real-time sensors, and the use of big data for data management and analysis, and learning simulation prediction by artificial intelligence (AI), integrate into intelligent factory system architecture for the factory system. Furthermore, implement the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to manage the labor and resources of the corporate and factories all over the world, and then integrate upstream supply chain management (SCM) to effectively improve the effectiveness of raw material resources, and integrate the downstream customer relationship management (CRM) of the product real-time response to customers and market demand, and then construct intelligent manufacturing system architecture for the corporate system. Among them, we must merge the concept of corporate sustainability, invest in operation strategy of energy conservation, environmental protection and public welfare action, to do the best of corporate social responsibility, and integrate to be the corporate sustainable industry 4.0 system architecture, in order to meet customer and market demand, enhance corporate profitability and competitiveness. The corporate sustainable industry 4.0 system architecture, must be implemented in the early stage of plant construction by experienced engineering and technical consultants to carry out detailed planning and design, and timely import of intelligent engineering technology integration system so as to create corporate value and customer value, and achieve the sustainable business goals of corporates.
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