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Title: IATA NDC標準對於GDS商業平台的影響
The Impact of IATA NDC Standard on GDS Business Platform
Authors: 賴香菊
Lai, Hsiang-Chu
Tien, Chen-Ning
Keywords: IATA NDC
PPM model
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: GDS航空訂位系統在六零年代開始,經營訂位平台已經長達數十年,主要的使用者包含產品供應商-航空公司及產品銷售商-旅行社業者,達到即時航空機位訂位以及開票之商業流程。隨著資訊科技及網路世代的來臨,航空公司與旅行業者轉變成除了平台銷售模式合作,也同時開始競爭直接銷售的市場。在IATA於2012年推出NDC標準,採用XML標準規格,讓各航空公司可以彈性自行開發個人化商品,直接與旅行社連線銷售。此架構在IATA之推廣下, GDS平台業者應該如何應對? 本研究使用半結構質性訪談方法,訪談GDS平台中三種角色之業者,探討IATA NDC標準推廣之下,以業者自己的角度提出看法。依據推力-拉力-維繫力(PPM)理論,分析彙整訪談結果,探討航空公司與旅行社業者在GDS之推力、NDC拉力、以及維繫力三種力量相互拉扯之下所做出之評估與考量,進而決定是否轉換至NDC平台。據此,針對GDS業者,評估未來可進行之決策,避免被去中間化,或是可進行再中間化,重返平台之中間商地位。
GDS reservation system began in the 1960s, operating as a reservation platform for decades. The main users include product suppliers - airlines and product vendors - travel agencies, to achieve real time flight booking and ticketing commercial process. With the advent of the information technology and E-commerce generation, airlines and travel agencies have been beginning to compete for markets for direct sales in addition to the original cooperation through GDS platform. In 2012, IATA launched the NDC standard by using XML standard specifications. It allows airlines to develop their own customized products and sell them directly to travel agencies. Under the dissemination of IATA, how should GDS platform operators respond these effects? This study uses a semi-structured qualitative interview method to interview the three roles of players in the GDS platform. The interviews discussed how the IATA NDC standard would impact the GDS platform business, and put forward opinions from the perspective of the players themselves. Based on the push-pull-mooring (PPM) theory, the transcripts of the interviews were coded and categorized into GDS push effect, NDC pull effect, and mooring effect separately. It shows how airlines and travel agencies make decision to switch to NDC platform or not based on how these three effects intertwines with each other. For the GDS platform, it can evaluate the future decisions based on the PPM effect from the perspective of airlines and travel agencies thinking of PPM effects to avoid being disintermediated or to reintermediate in order to keep as a key intermediator as usual.
Other Identifiers: G0107590111
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