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Title: 期貨業因應金融科技發展策略及應用之探討-以C公司為例
The Impact of FinTech on the Development of Strategy and Application in Taiwan's Futures - The Case Study of C Company
Authors: 周德瑋
Chang, Li-Chiao
Keywords: 期貨業
Futures industry
customized application interface
value service
case analysis
case study
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 金融期貨業在台灣金融市場競爭相當激烈,需要以附加價值為客戶提供服務,並著重於公司自身核心競爭能力,領先市場發展;透過金融科技FinTech開發建立客製化應用介面API(Application Programming Interface, API),因應網路平台的多樣性發展,協助客戶在期貨市場交易順利,滿足國內外客戶及機構法人交易需求,發揮其競爭力的價值主張。台灣金融業受金融監督管理委員會(金管會)的高度監理,並順應金管會所推出的一系列金融科技發展計畫,不論是銀行業、保險業與證券業等皆陸續投入FinTech的研發,期貨業也積極跨入FinTech領域,期待突破經營上的既定形式。透過探討本研究個案分析市場競爭優勢,思考如何提供價值服務,為客戶掌握投資契機,並落實服務實體經濟,朝向永續經營發展。
The financial futures industry is highly competitive in the financial market of Taiwan. It needs to provide services to customers with added value, and focuses on the core competitiveness of the company to lead the development of the market. The Application Programming Interface (API), in response to the diversified development of online platforms, assist customers in trading smoothly in the futures market, meet the trading needs of global customers and institutions, and give play to their competitive value proposition. The financial industry of Taiwan is highly supervised by The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). And in compliance with a series of FinTech development plans, whether the banking, insurance, or securities industry have all invested in FinTech R&D. The futures industry is also actively entering the FinTech field and looks forward to breaking through the established form of operation. Through the analysis of this research case study, it can analyze the market competitive advantages, think about how to provide value services, grasp investment opportunities for customers, and implement services to the real economy and move forward to sustainable development.
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