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Title: 打造教育市場中觸控顯示器廠商瞬時競爭優勢─以捷達公司為例
Building Transient Competitive Advantages of Touchscreens Firms in the Education Market: A Case Study of Jector
Authors: 王仕茹
Keywords: 觸控顯示器
Smart Classroom
Transient Competitive Advantages
Characteristics of Education Markets
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract:   政府提出「前瞻基礎建設計畫」預計2018~2020四年內汰換教室的內容呈現效果,因此觸控顯示器預計每年有2.5萬台,約台幣12.5億的銷售額。隨教學改變及政府預算的挹注,智慧教室首要產品「觸控顯示器」需求大增,各大廠商開始推出「智慧教室解決方案」,而IWB運用於課堂中學習效益顯著,中小學因前瞻基礎建設預算,學校網路建構基礎完善,是建置智慧教室最佳的時機。   在強調『以學習者為中心』的智慧教室規劃,觸控顯示器如何運用於課堂中及輔助學習提升效率,而且在課堂中所扮演的腳色為何?過去十年來,此領域的研究著重在互動式電子白板使用對師生帶來的學習成效,很少對廠商如何耕耘此市場提出建議或分析。本研究特別選定在六都競爭中握有最高佔有率的捷達為個案研究對象,期望了解觸控顯示器所面對的基礎教育市場之特性是什麼?教育現場所需要的服務是甚麼?廠商如何在基礎教育市場建立瞬時競爭優勢?希望能以個案公司的模式作為爾後相關企業進入教育市場之參考。
  In respond to the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program promoted by the government, all schools in Taiwan are now have the opportunity to progressively replace the existing teaching equipment in four years from 2018 to 2020, which results in the increasing demands of Touchscreens, 25,000 units per year and an estimated NT$ 1.25 billion market. Given that IWB have been proved to provide positive affect to student’s learning effectiveness and schools now have adequate budget and sufficient network infrastructure, more and more companies have thus worked on the development of different smart classroom solutions in recent years.   However, in the construction of learner-oriented smart classroom, how Touchscreens are deployed to improve learning efficiency, and moreover, the role they play, are some of the major questions to be answered beforehand. Over the past decade, studies in such area have all put the emphasis primarily on the effects brought by IWB to teachers or students. Little has been done, however, to provide suggestion to companies that have the intention to enter this market. To fill the gap, the current study conducts a case study of Jector, the company that occupies the dominant market share in the smart classroom market so far, in the hope of providing a better understanding of the characteristics of education markets, actual needs in classrooms, desired functions of Touchscreens, and finally effective marketing strategies. This study also investigates the transient competitive advantages that the target company possesses, and further concludes some patterns of success for others to follow.
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