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Title: 探討頂級信用卡客服人員對於客戶之服務模式-以A公司為例
The service mode for premium credit card clients from customer service associates-A case study of A company
Authors: 沈永正
Shen, Yung-Cheng
Chang, Mei-Chin
Keywords: 信用卡服務
Credit card Service
Service quality model
Black card
American Express
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 台灣信用卡市場日趨成熟且穩定,其中A公司與其餘市場上發卡機構有所不同,堅持走出一貫風格,不僅收年費,也在市場上發行了最頂級的黑卡。有鑑於此,本研究透過A公司相關個案,結合服務品質模式中反應性、溝通性、專業性、可靠性、接近性、信賴性及有形性等特性,找出A公司頂級信用卡成功因素,並為台灣頂級信用卡服務提出相關建議。 個案結果顯示: 1. 藉由與客戶溝通,深入了解顧客需求後,即時提供完善的服務,充份驗證服務品質模式的溝通性與反應性,可提升頂級信用卡的服務品質。 2. A公司各部門的資源專業整合,提供顧客十足專業性的服務,使得客戶感受到公司服務專業且可靠。 3. 接近客戶,並從日常生活中碰到的事情著手,貼心的協助客戶,可取得客戶信賴感,並建立緊密的客戶關係。 4. 藉由服務的有形性與專業性,設身處地的為客戶著想,可達到客戶對於頂級信用卡服務的預期。 5. 準確預想客戶的立場,提供更多附加服務,利用其專業及資源給予最大的協助,可建立良好客戶關係,使得客戶感受到信賴及可靠,並為企業帶來寶貴的價值。 綜上所述,藉由頂級信用卡服務人員經驗累積,洞悉客戶需求,並為客戶帶來絕佳的客戶服務體驗,達成客戶對於服務的期望,最終藉由良好的服務品質(反應性、溝通性、專業性、可靠性、接近性、信賴性及有形性)提升客服與客戶間的關係,最終提升客戶與A公司的互動模式。
Taiwan's credit card market is increasingly mature and stable. Among the many companies, Company A is different from other card issuers in the market and insists on moving away from its usual style. Not only the annual fee, but also it is the only top black card ever issued on the market. In this study, we will use the relevant cases of Company A to combine the characteristics of responsiveness, communication, professionalism, reliability, proximity, reliability, and tangibility in the service quality model to find out the success factors of Company A's top credit card and determine what makes it the top credit card in Taiwan. The service makes recommendations. Case results show: 1. Through the characteristics of communication, understanding customer needs in depth, and providing comprehensive services in a timely manner can fully achieve service responsiveness 2. The extremely proficient integration of resources in various departments can provide customers with high quality services, making customers feel that the company's services are professional and reliable. 3. Getting close to customers and starting with what you will encounter in daily life. Assisting customers intimately can gain customer trust and build close relationships with them. 4. With the tangibility and professionalism of the service, the company is in the position to meet the customer's expectations of top credit card services. 5. Precisely anticipating the customer's position, providing additional services, and using expertise and resources to provide maximum assistance can establish good customer relationships, make customers feel trust and reliability, and thus bringing indispensable value. In summary, by accumulating experience of service personnel, we can gain insight into customer needs while providing excellent customers service. This, in turn, allows for service expectations to be consistently met. Additionally, by virtue of good service quality (reactivity, professional communication, reliablity, proximity, and tangibility) the relationship between customer service representatives and their customers improves, and ultimately enhance interaction between customers and Company A.
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