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Title: 家族企業的社會情感財富與企業多角化之研究
A Study on Diversification and the Socioemotional Wealth of Family Firm
Authors: 康敏平
Kang, Min-Ping
Yu, Yu-Jie
Keywords: 家族企業多角化
sociemotional wealth
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 隨著台灣家族企業逐漸壯大,家族組織結構也日趨複雜,家族企業如何在家族治理和公司治理間權衡便是重要課題,家族成員將是企業的阻力還是助力? 本研究使用社會情感財富理論,探討家族企業是否為了保護社會感財富而選擇多角化策略。研究發現,家族企業社會情感財富之情感依戀越強,企業越傾向多角化經營,其中家族成員第二代及第三代對多角化有顯著影響。最後,本研究將樣本以公司規模區分為兩類,研究結果發現,隨著公司規模越大,家族為了保護社會情感財富,當家族控制和影響越大,企業較不傾向多角化經營,反之,當家族情感依戀越強及世代延續與傳承意願越高,企業則傾向多角化經營。
With the gradual growth of family businesses in Taiwan, the structure of family organizations has become increasingly complex. How to balance family governance and corporate governance in the family firm is an important issue. Will family members be the resistance or help of family firm? This research use the sociemotional wealth theory framework to consider that whether family firms choose diversification strategies to protect SEW. The study found that the stronger Emotional Attachment of Family Members, the more the family firm tends to diversify operations. And the study also found that the second and third generations of family members have a greater impact on diversification. Finally, this study divides the sample into two categories based on the size of the company. The results of the study found that as the size of the company increases, in order to protect SEW, the greater Family Control and Influence , the less tend to diversification. When the Emotional Attachment of Family Members is stronger and the willingness of Renewal Family Bonds Through Dynastic Succession is higher, the firm tends to diversification.
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