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Title: 職場尷尬處境及其自處之道
Awkward Moment in the Workplace and How to Deal with It
Authors: 許書瑋
Hsu, Shu-Wei
Hsu, Ling
Keywords: 尷尬
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 尷尬的發生經常是預料之外且不容易避免,我們很難知道自己什麼時候會遇到尷尬的情況,也沒辦法預知別人是不是會做出什麼事情讓自己陷入尷尬的處境。尤其是當我們出社會進入職場後,在新的工作環境遇到尷尬的處境時,又該如何面對呢?此時,如何處理尷尬的情況似乎變得重要。本研究以半結構訪談法進行質性研究,搜集工作者在職場上尷尬處境的案例,並歸納出四種職場尷尬處境,包含:交談不順暢、與人不一樣、表現不體面、氣氛不和諧,最後整理出相對應的處理方法,期望可以提供工作者往後面臨職場尷尬時的參考依據,讓工作者可以加速處理並化解尷尬的處境。
Awkwardness is usually unexpected and inevitable. We don't know when we will encounter an awkward moment. Some people may put others into an awkward situation especially in the workplace. How to deal with awkward situation becomes important. The research used a semi-structured interview method to conduct qualitative research and summarized four awkward situations in the workplace including running out of conversation, different from others, poor performance and disharmony, and then concluded the solutions. It aimed to provide a reference for workers when facing awkwardness in the future, helping them out of trouble.
Other Identifiers: G060756027O
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