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Title: 從宗教與非宗教的角度探討泰國人工作的意義
Meaning of Working for Thai People under Religious vs. Non-Religious Perspectives
Authors: 許書瑋
Hsu, Shu-Wei
Jariyaporn Lertsurapakdee
Keywords: none
Meaning of work
Religious vs. Non-religious
Cultural and beliefs
Constructivist paradigm
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: none
Globalization has increased the interaction between people from different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. In the workplace, cultural difference is a tough challenge since it leads to a different way to conduct and govern different backgrounds of employees. The ability of a multi-cultural company to lead their employees toward the success and reach to the fullest potential matters. This study discusses how different cultures, religious beliefs, and backgrounds affect an individual’s motivation differently towards the meaning of work and life. Therefore, this study investigated the influence factors towards the meaning of work for Thai people under religious and non-religious perspectives. This study is conducted witha qualitative method by using a semi-structured interview. Thirty participants were interviewed in this research. They are Thai people who are currently working in Thailand and have been working for more than four months up to five years. This research brought out findings that indicated the factor that influences the meaning of work for Thai people under the perspectives of religious and non-religious beliefs. By obtaining this information, it provides suitable strategies for international companies and organizations to best handle well with the right tactics and solutions, to understand what motivates their employees, to work and what are the reasons behind why they do what they do, and what are their purposes. As understanding more would help the company, able to guide and govern the employees toward suitable directions, lessen the diversity and reach toward success.
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