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Title: 大五人格特質、耐心與耐煩:探索性研究
Big Five Personality Traits, Patience (“Naixin”), and Naifan: An Explorative Inquiry
Authors: 許書瑋
Ryan Shuwei Hsu
Liao, Chin-Tin
Keywords: 耐心
Big Five
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 耐心是一種人格特質,意指在面對逆境或困境時能保持平靜的傾向。日常生活中充斥著各種需要耐心的事情,例如排隊、塞車或做家事…等等。此份論文包含兩個研究,研究一探索耐心與大五人格特質之關聯性,結果顯示耐心與情緒穩定性、親和性為顯著且正向的關係。研究二延伸耐心的概念,發展本土耐心的概念:耐煩。本研究透過題項蒐集、專家問卷、探索性因素分析等研究步驟,最終將耐煩分為三個構面(平穩完成繁瑣雜事、沉著應對無理人事、平靜接受他人打擾)。透過研究二,將能夠更精確地衡量臺灣社會中特有的耐心情境。同時也能從不同於耐心所衡量的情境去闡述新的概念。未來研究可以此份量表為基礎,深度探索其差異。
Patience, as a personality trait, is defined as the propensity to wait calmly in the face of frustration or adversity. Patience is important as it helps us coping with a variety of daily hassles such as waiting in line, catching in a traffic jams, or doing chores. My thesis includes two studies. Study 1 examines the association between patience and Big Five Personality in Taiwan. The results show that patience is positively associated with Emotional Stability and Agreeableness. Study 2 extends the extant notion of patience and develops a Chinese-culturally indigenous notion of patience: Naifan. Via systematic procedures including generating items, examining face-validity of the developed items, and quantitative item reduction, the three distinct dimensions of naifan emerge. Overall my thesis contributes to the extant literature by developing an alternative measure of patience from a Chinese indigenous perspective.
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