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Title: 品牌聯名下產品期望失驗之消費者歸因研究
Consumer Attribution Research on Disconfirmation of Co-branding Products
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Chen, Yu-Ju
Keywords: 品牌聯盟
brand alliance
consumer attribution
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究針對近年來最流行的品牌行銷策略­品牌聯盟探討當時尚潮流品牌合作推出聯名商品時,若使消費者發生產品期望失驗,品牌權益、可控制性、涉入度三者間對消費者歸因之影響。本研究先回顧相關文獻,並推導三個假設,再運用實驗設計方法蒐集台灣消費者對於聯名球鞋發生產品期望失驗時之消費者歸因的實證資料,以驗證假設,有效樣本數為240份。本研究主要發現為:(1)搭檔品牌之品牌權益對消費者將失驗歸咎到主品牌上有顯著的負向影響效果,(2)搭檔品牌之可控制性對消費者將失驗歸咎到主品牌上有顯著的負向影響效果 (3)涉入度對前兩者變數的無顯著交互影響效果。換句話說,當發生產品期望失驗時,消費者將此不符合期望的負面消費體驗歸咎到主品牌的程度,是取決於搭檔品牌之品牌權益與可控制性,根據此研究結果本研究建議具有高品牌權益之知名品牌,可不尋求與知名品牌聯盟推出聯名商品;應挑選相較於品牌權益較低的品牌作為聯盟對象,且行銷聯名產品時,盡可能使消費者認知到合作夥伴對產品屬於高可控制性,便是最能保障自身品牌的品牌聯盟策略。
Based on the brand alliance, the most popular brand marketing strategy in recent years, this study explores the influence of brand equity, controllability and involvement on consumer attribution when consumer experience disconfirmation of the co-branded products. In this study, we first reviewed the relevant literature and derived three hypotheses. Then, we used the experimental design method to collect the empirical data of consumer attribution of Taiwan consumers in the case of product disconfirmation of joint sneakers. The valid sample number was 240. The host findings of this study are :(1) the brand equity of the partnered brand has a significant negative effect on consumers' attribution of the loss to the host brand; (2) the controllability of the partnered brand has a significant negative effect on consumers' attribution of the loss to the host brand (3) The involvement degree has no significant interaction effect on the former two variables. Expectation disconfirmation, in other words, when a product, consumers will this do not conform to the expectations of the degree of negative consumer experience attributed to the host brand, is depend on the brand equity and the controllability of deputy brand, according to the research results of this study suggested that high brand equity of a well-known brand, should not seek to launch co-branded products with well-known brands; It is necessary to select the brand with lower brand equity as the object of the alliance, and when marketing joint products, to make consumers realize that the partner has high control over the product as far as possible, which is the brand alliance strategy that can best protect their own brand.
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