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Title: 電影產業鏈對於好萊屋戰爭片票房的影響力分析
The Impact of Film Industry Chain on The Hollywood War Film Box Office
Authors: 董澤平
Dong, Tse-Ping
Wu, Chi-Hao
Keywords: 戰爭片
War Film
Box Office
Film Production
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 電影產業自從18世紀在美國落地生根,歷經了默片時代、黃金時代、新好萊塢時期與數位化電影時期,美國電影可以說是世界電影歷史的縮影,廣納了許多珍貴的經驗以及知識,也因此創立了完整而緊密的產業鏈,依照現代化分工,兼具電影製作的水準以及產量,堪稱為世界電影人才的首都。戰爭電影經常被用作戰爭的宣傳手段之一,以激發國民自豪感和士氣,並嚴厲地展示敵方的惡意和批評敵人的行為,尤其是在戰爭期間或戰後時期。作者使用美國電影資料庫近20年之戰爭片電影票房、進場人次資料以及美國電影評分網站評論之評分資料做迴歸分析,第一部分列舉出電影的票房影響因素,分為預算、改編、卡司、假期、上映院數、觀眾評分、影評篇數觀眾影評篇數等變數進行分析,探討影響戰爭片票房的重要因素,期望有利於在戰爭片製作前的策略思考。本研究的結果,可以暸解網路聲量以及觀眾影評是影響戰爭片票房的重要因素。相較於過往的研究較少以戰爭片的電影市場為例,而大部分偏重整體市場的表現,此研究有助於片商在各個製作階段有效地分配資源,創造更高的收益。
Since the film industry took root in the United States in the 18th century, after the silent era, the golden age, the new Hollywood period and the digital film era, American movies can be said to be the epitome of the world's film history, and have accumulated a lot of precious experience and knowledge. It has created a complete and close industrial chain, which is called the capital of the world's film talents according to the modern division of labor, the level of film production and the output. War films are often used as a means of propaganda for war to inspire national pride and morale, and to show the enemy's malice and criticism of the enemy, especially during wars or post-war periods. The author used the American Film Database for the past 20 years film box office, the attendance data and the scores of the US film rating website reviews for regression analysis. The first part lists the box office influence factors of the movie, which are divided into budget and adaptation, cast, holidays, number of screenings, audience ratings, number of film reviews, audience reviews, and other variables are analyzed to explore the important factors affecting the box office of war films. It is expected to be conducive to strategic thinking before the production of war films. The results of this study can be seen that the WOM is important factors influencing the box office of war films. Compared with the previous research, the film market of the war film is rarely taken as an example, and most of the research focuses on the performance of the overall market. This research helps the film producers to effectively allocate resources and create higher profits in various production stages.
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