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Title: 領導者的高調與低調風格:一個探索性的研究
High- and Low-profile Leaders: An Exploratory Study
Authors: 許書瑋
Ryan Shuwei Hsu
Chang, Chia-Wei
Keywords: 高調
leadership style
Q methodology
critical incident
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探索領導者的領導風格的內涵,特別是其在較為「高調」或「低調」表現。透過與25位具有工作經驗的受訪者訪談,本研究搜集97個形容高調與低調的詞彙;10位研究參與者,提取出同意度較高的68個詞彙;最終利用Q分析法,蒐集另外43位研究參與者想法,透過主成分分析法,提出形容高調的四個類別(喜歡分享、樂於表現自己、外向的、渴望被注意到)與低調的三個類別(相對較沒存在感、著重隱私、把自己份內的事做好)。最後,針對本研究的研究結果,我提出相關討論與建議。
This study explores a new leadership style in terms of leaders’ being “high-profiled” or “low profiled”. Through interviewing 25 working adults, I collected 97 vocabulary describing high- or low-profiled leadership. A total 68 vocabulary were kept because of high inter-rater agreement from another 10 working adults. Drawing on the Q methodology and the principal component analysis, I identify four categories of vocabulary for high-profiled leadership (sharing information, expressing themselves, being extraverted, eager to be noticed) and three categories of vocabulary for low-profiled leadership (being invisible, concerning privacy, minding own business). Implications are also discussed.
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