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Title: 生活形態對旅遊行為及旅遊產品選擇之影響-以韓國觀光客為例-
A Study of the Impact on Vacation Benefit Segmentation, Travel Behavior Attribute, Tourism Product Attribute According to Korean Tourists Lifestyle.
Authors: 陳敦基
Chen, Dun-Ji
Song, Jeong-Ah
Keywords: 生活型態
Vacation Benefit Segmentation
Tourism Product Attribute
Korean tourist
Taiwan travel
Tourism Industry
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 觀光是全球最大的產業之一、成長迅速、同時亦是一個最具經濟發展的選項。在觀光市場裡為了促進旅遊產品、了解觀光客的需求是很重要的事。本研究的目的是檢視韓國觀光客的生活型態是否會對其旅遊行為及旅遊產品選擇產生影響。 本研究調查透過網站的問卷總共收集了312個有旅遊經驗的韓國人樣本。從調查得到韓國觀光客的生活型態可分為4種:1.個人滿足型、2.社會滿足型、3.流行型、4.家庭型。此四種生活型態足以代表韓國觀光客的生活型態。經由區隔方法得到旅遊的效益及旅遊產品、分別是三種效益:休閒、創獲及交流以及兩類型產品、包括特殊吸引力型及.活動實用型。 在這研究裡發現韓國觀光客變成喜歡學新的經驗或挑戰、而且在旅遊時喜歡跟別人分享。 韓國觀光客比較喜歡跟旅遊陪伴一起旅行如朋友、家人及親戚,以及比較喜歡無套裝行程的個人獨立旅遊。因 此、此一研究發現有助於旅行社開發新部分套裝旅遊產品、進行台灣的觀光行銷此外、亦需要嘗試多種廣告以增進韓國觀光客來台灣旅遊的機動。
Tourism is one of the biggest industry and fast growing up in the world, and is the most economic development option. It is important to understand what tourists’ need for promoting travel product in tourism market. The purpose of this study is examine whether there is a significant influence between lifestyle of Korean tourist and vacation benefit& tourism product attribute or not, as well as also attempt to investigate that there is a mediated effect between lifestyle of Korean tourist and tourism product attribute through vacation benefit segmentation as a mediator variable. The survey of this study was conducted to collect the information from 312 Korean respondents who had a travel experience through the online questionnaire. Base on the survey, we identify four type of Korean tourist lifestyle, including Individual-satisfaction oriented, Social-satisfaction oriented, Trendy oriented, and Family oriented. These four type of lifestyle represent the style of life about Korean tourists well. This study used the segmentation method to classify three type of vacation benefit: Relaxation, Discovery and Interaction, and also identified two type of tourism product attributes, including Feature-Attraction and Activity-Practical. The result of this study identified that Korean tourists getting changed to not only try to learn new an experience& challenge and share information with other people, but also retain the connection or interchange with people during traveling. The Korean tourist prefers to travel with accompany, such as friends, family, relatives rather than being alone, but enjoy FIT plan without full-package tour schedule. Therefore, it is useful for travel agency companies to develop a new travel partial-package tour product for Korean tourists in Taiwan tourism marketing. Besides, the travel agency need to try diverse campaigns or events, advertise marketing for approaching the intention or motivation of Korean tourist come to Taiwan for traveling.
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