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Title: 鄭丰武俠小說中的女性研究
Authors: 林保淳
Leu, Heng-Wei
Keywords: 武俠小說
female chivalry
Nǚ xiá
Zheng Feng
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 武俠小說長期作為一種多由男性執筆的文類,女性於其中常淪為配角或輔助的角色,缺少獨立於男性的人格精神展現。鄭丰身為近年頗受矚目的武俠小說作家,出道時被出版社冠以「女版金庸」,隨著作品陸續出版,逐漸走出自我風格,其女性身份於武俠文壇罕見,小說中對女性的重視也有別以往,武俠小說中的女性是否會因書寫者性別不同,而有突破性的開展,值得一究。 傳統武俠小說中的女俠,多著墨在女智、女武的表現,內在的經營多圍繞男性打轉,鄭丰除了立基於前人在女性智武的積累,對女性的內在刻畫戮力甚深,打開過去僅限縮於情感的女性生命,降低對女性禮教束縛,女性的人生選擇變得多元而寬廣,能自在決定感情於生命的次序,也勇於自我理想的實現,呈現較為飽滿立體的女性形象。 本論文先爬梳武俠與女性之間的連結,理出武俠小說如何一步步產生女性讀者到女作家的出現,再從鄭丰的作品中,觀察並歸納其筆下女性人物的外顯書寫和內韻情志,所展現的女性視角獨到之處,最後以分析女性作家撰武俠小說所產生的突破,和可能出現的盲點作結。
Wuxia fiction, a fantasy genre usually written by male authors, tends to portray female characters in only minor parts or supporting roles, without a personality independent of the story’s male characters. Zheng Feng is a wuxia novelist who has grown in prominence in recent years. When she began writing, her publisher described her as the “female Jin Yong.” As she has continued to publish, she has gradually developed her own style. Being a rare female wuxia author, she places value on her female characters in her works like no others do. Whether or not the gender of an author leads to a significant change in the portrayal of female characters is worth exploring. Traditional wuxia fiction usually emphasizes wisdom and the martial form of female chivalry (Nǚ xiá), and the truths being mentioned often emerge while revealing the actions or thoughts of male characters. Standing on the shoulders of giants, Zheng Feng not only outlines the wisdom and martial qualities of female chivalry, she also places a strong emphasis on their true beings. By expanding her female characters’ lives, which used to be limited in the narrative only to their relationships, and undoing the ritual bondage of women in general, their life choices become broad and diverse. Women can decide how to prioritize the relationships in their lives, and they are brave enough to pursue self-actualization, representing a full and vivid female image. This study begins by sorting out the connection between female readers and wuxia, how female readers are attached to wuxia fiction, and how female authors have affected the genre. Then, categories are presented based on observations of the outer and inner beings of the female characters, who present a unique feminine perspective in Zheng Feng’s work. Finally, the study offers a summary analysis of the breakthroughs and possible blind spots of a female author writing wuxia fiction.
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