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Title: 從「痛」中學認同:一位臺灣在美華語教師的自我敘事
Search for an Identity in Mandarin Teaching: A Narrative Inquiry of a Taiwanese Mandarin Teacher in America
Authors: 卯靜儒
Mao, Chin-Ju
Tai, Ting-Ju
Keywords: 臺灣
Mandarin teaching
teacher identity
culture identity
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本研究以研究者自身於美國擔任華語教師的經驗出發,以自我敘事作為研究方法,試圖探尋與建構出一位來自臺灣的海外華語教師所可能擁有的認同。研究著重於教師認同與文化認同的討論,試圖探討以下問題:臺灣華語教師的文化認同會是什麼樣子?在廣泛的「中華文化」與在地的「臺灣文化」,甚至與異地的「美國文化」的相互作用之下,研究者面臨了何種困境、產生了何種認同上的改變?以及面對困境,採取了怎樣的行動? 透過敘事研究的反思過程,加上與相關理論的對話,研究結果顯示出臺灣所培育出來的華語教師擁有多元的認同,由於華語教學工作的性質,身處於全球化的工作環境,若是自身的認同不明,便時常會面臨生活上,甚至專業上的困境。本研究便是一個華語教師於這些困境與糾結之中,找出一條能夠證明自身專業並同時表現出臺灣文化認同的教學與敘事。
This paper examines the challenges the author experienced teaching Mandarin in an American university as a Taiwanese Mandarin teacher during the 2017-2018 school year. Mandarin education is often dominated by Chinese culture and language form. Due to its complicated political history, Taiwan is often confused for China. The author encountered many conflict situations while teaching Mandarin at UM, including tension with Chinese students over the Taiwanese identity, university administration including Taiwan as part of China, and separating the Taiwanese identity from the Chinese language. The goal of this discussion is for the author to establish her own Taiwanese identity and explore the lack of identity discussions in the Mandarin teaching field in Taiwan. To achieve the goal, this paper used narrative inquiry as a method to reflect on the experiences and tell the stories.
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