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Title: 地理為生活?-國一學生地理學習經驗之探究
A Study of Grade 7 Students’ Learning Experience on Geography Curriculum: “Geography for Life?”
Authors: 卯靜儒
Mao, Chin-Ju
Chuang, Kung-Yi
Keywords: 學習經驗
learning experience
interpretation of students
geography education
life experience
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 地理學是一項與生活連結的學科,然而,學生作為學習主體,在學習地理科的過程中是如何形成學習經驗,又是如何詮釋地理學習與生活經驗的連結,卻鮮少受到學校地理教育的關注。於是,本研究之目的旨在瞭解國一學生學習地理的經驗樣貌,從中理解學生如何詮釋地理學習與生活經驗的連結。本研究以臺灣北部地區某所國中的一個國一班級的地理課堂,作為研究場域及個案,進行一個學期的課堂觀察與學習文件蒐集,並綜合兩位研究參與者的深度訪談資料,藉此探究學生的地理學習經驗及與生活連結的詮釋。研究結論如下:(一)兩位國一學生地理學習經驗的樣貌反映在其設想、參與及描述的差異;(二)兩位國一學生詮釋地理學習與生活經驗的連結,呈現具體至抽象的多種層次。
Geography is a discipline that is connected with life. However, students as a subject of learning, how to shape the learning experience in the process of studying geography, and how to interpret the connection between geography learning and life experience, but rarely to school geography education concerns. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand the experience of grade 7 students in learning geography, and to understand how students interpret the connection between geography and life experience. This study uses a class of geography classrooms in the northern region in Taiwan as a research field and case, conducts a semester classroom observation and learning document collection, and integrates in-depth interview data from two research participants to explore students’ learning experience of geography and interpretation of the connection between geography learning and life experience. The conclusions of the study are as follows: (1) The appearance of the two students' geography learning experience is reflected in the differences in their assumptions, participation and description; (2) The two students' interpretation of the connection between geography learning and life experience presents multiple levels from concrete to abstract.
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