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Title: 差異化教學融入國中英語科補救教學之行動研究
Action Research on Integrating Differentiated Instruction into English Remedial Instruction in a Junior High School
Authors: 郝永崴
Hao, Yong-Wei
Weng, Ya-Hsin
Keywords: 差異化教學
differentiated instruction
remedial instruction
learning attitude
learning effectiveness
English teaching
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討實施差異化教學對國中英語補救教學學生的學習態度與學習成效關係,並敘述學生對課程的想法與感受,過程中教師如何解決教學困境,並從中學習成長。本研究採行動研究法,以新北市某國中七年級七位英語科補救教學學生為研究對象,共計男生六名,女生一名,進行為期七週,每週一節課,每次四十五分鐘的差異化教學課程。透過質性資料蒐集,包括錄影、單元學習單、課堂回饋表、教師教學省思、訪談紀錄,分析學生的學習反應;輔以量化資料,包括英語態度問卷、英語成就測驗、學習扶助科技化評量測驗等作為測量工具,並在教學前後,實施前、後測驗,檢視差異化教學是否能提升國中補救教學學生的英語學習態度與學習成效。本研究結果顯示:以學生起點行為和學習困難為基準所構思的差異化課程,較適合補救教學的學生學習;差異化教學能提升學生的學習態度;教師以異質分組和多元評量達到差異化教學的補救學習成效;教學成效與教師關照學生身心健康及投入的個別輔導時間有關;教師提升差異化教學課程的設計能力。依據研究結果,本研究對差異化教學實施於英語科補教教學提出具體建議,以供英語教師與未來相關研究人員的參考。
This study aimed to explore the effects of differentiated instruction on learning attitude and learning effectiveness of junior high students who were underachieved in English. Besides, it also aimed to examine the opinions and reflections of the students received remedial instruction, and to investigate how the teacher could solve teaching difficulties and learned from them. The study through action research, was conducted one period a week, forty-five minutes per period, with a total of seven weeks. The participants (six boys and one girl) were seven seventh graders who needed remedial instruction in New Taipei City. Data were collected by videos, observations and reflections, students’ worksheet, feedback, interviews, the attitude questionnaire, the English achievement test and PRIORI-tbt. All participates took a pre-test and post-test. The pre-test and post-test results showed the learning attitude and learning effectiveness had changed. The major findings of the study indicated that the differentiated courses, based on the students' entry behavior and learning difficulties, were more suitable for the students who received remedial instruction. Differentiated instruction could improve the students’ English learning attitude. The teacher used heterogeneous grouping and multiple evaluations to achieve the remedial learning effectiveness of differentiated instruction. The teaching effectiveness was related to the teacher’s care and the individual tutoring time the teacher provided. The teacher enhanced the ability to design differentiated instruction courses. Based on the conclusions, some suggestions of integrating differentiated instruction into English remedial instruction were provided for English teachers and future research.
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