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Title: 同儕協助學習策略應用於進修學校學習障礙學生數學學習成就之行動研究
An Action Research of Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies on Mathematics Achievement of Students with Learning Disabilities in Continuing Education School
Authors: 佘永吉
Sher, Yung-gi
Lin, Hui-ting
Keywords: 同儕協助學習
Peer-assisted learning
learning disabilities
continuing education schools
arrangement combinations
math achievements
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 本技術報告旨在了解對於高職進修學校學習障礙學生的數學學習,經由同儕協助學習策略介入,針對數學排列組合單元,學生學習之後的感受及數學學習成就是否有影響。 本技術報告採用行動研究法,研究共進行八週,每週有二節數學課,一節課45分鐘,教師示範解說30分鐘後,課間進行討論並作數習演練,再利用一週一次的班會課20分鐘複習再進行同儕協助學習的習題演練,事前於班級尋找三位同儕協助,由三位同儕輪流一對一協助數學的演練複習,此為初步設計出的同儕協助學習方案。在每兩週後,依實際情況、評估成效和反思與訪談結果,再來決定課程有無修改的必要,以進行課程不斷的修改及再設計,根據學生的數學科段考成績做後測,期間與個案及同儕及個案家人做訪談回饋,分析並歸納得出研究結果,並提出本研究對於未來高職數學學習的建議。本研究已通過國立臺灣師範大學研究倫理審查,取得核可證明書,案件編號201810HS026。本研究的結果如下: 一、同儕協助學習對於學習障礙學生,在學習數學科時,有助於提升學生的數學學習成就。 二、在融合教育中,同儕對於協助學習障礙學生皆表示願意協助。 三、學習障礙學生對於策略介入後,因可獲得同儕互動而稍有提高學習動機,但仍需要不斷鼓勵,才能彌補過去長期的習得無助感。
  The purpose of this technical report is to understand whether mathematics learning for students with learning disabilities in contunuing vocational education schools is affected by peer-assisted learning strategies, for the assignment of math combination units, students' feelings after learning, and their achievements in mathematics learning.   This technical report uses action research method, the study is carried out for eight weeks, two math lessons per week, a lesson 45 minutes, teacher demonstration explanation 30 minutes later, inter-class discussion and practice exercises, and then re-use the weekly class class 20 minutes review and then peer-assisted learning exercises, in advance in the class to find three peer assistance, A one-on-one math-assisted exercise review by three peers is a preliminary design of peer-assisted learning programs. After each two weeks, according to the actual situation, evaluation of results and reflection and interview results, and then determine whether the curriculum is necessary to modify, in order to carry out continuous modification and re-design of the curriculum, according to the students' mathematical test scores to do post-test, during the interview with the case and peers and family members to do interview feedback, analysis and conclusion of the study conclusions, And put forward this study for the future higher vocational mathematics study recommendations. This research proposal was approval by IRB/REC, NTNU, no. 201810HS026.The result of this study are as follows: First, peer-assisted learning for students with learning disabilities, in the study of mathematics, help to improve students' math learning achievement. Second, in the inclusive education, peers expressed their willingness to assist students who assist in learning disabilities. Third, students with learning disabilities have a slight improvement in their motivation for learning because they can get peer-to-peer interactions, but they still need constant encouragement to make up for the long-term sense of helplessness.
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