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Title: 臺北市國民中學卓越校長領導行為之研究
The Study of Taipei Junior High School Outstanding Principal’s Leadership Behavior
Authors: 陳玉娟
Chen, Yu-Chuan
Chou, Wan-Chi
Keywords: 國民中學
Junior high school
Outstanding principals
Leadership behavior
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討臺北市國民中學卓越校長的領導行為,探析卓越校長學校領導的理念、在領導實務上所展現的行動、學校領導面對的困境與挑戰、以及因應策略,並據以歸納卓越校長學校領導的成功範式。 為達上述研究目的,本研究採質性研究訪談法,以臺北市國民中學曾經榮獲教育部校長領導卓越獎的校長為研究對象,透過對兩位卓越校長及其學校各一位相關人員,共四位受訪對象的訪談,並輔以文件檔案,進行相關資料的蒐集、分析整理與歸納,最後根據研究結果提出相關建議,供其他校長或相關單位參考。 綜合本研究訪談結果的歸納分析,得到以下之結論: 一、卓越校長本於以學生為核心的教育理念,從教育行動中創造人生的價值。 二、卓越校長引領學校願景與方向,凝聚全員共識,傳遞教育核心價值,實現學校願景。 三、卓越校長提供成員支持與激勵,發展學校人才,建立關懷信任的校園文化。 四、卓越校長建立支持性組織分工,以分布式領導強化校務運作效能,引領教育變革。 五、卓越校長提供課程與教學支持系統,建立反饋機制,豐富學習內涵,確保教學品質。 六、卓越校長建構策略聯盟以導入資源,建立學校口碑與品牌,積極行銷學校。 七、卓越校長學校領導的困境與挑戰,在於不易共構團隊願景、少子化衝擊及利益關係人多元的期待。 八、卓越校長以豐厚學養建構領導的論據,開放同理回應各利益關係人的期待。 九、卓越校長形塑以信任為變革取向的學校文化,營造有共榮感的校園氛圍,以共構願景與行動。 十、卓越校長以系統思考與行動實踐,設定學校發展階序,轉化困境與挑戰,永續校務經營。
The study aims to investigate the outstanding principals’ leadership behaviors of junior high schools of Taipei City and analyze their leadership concepts and actions, the difficulties and challenges they faced, and the strategies they used to deal with the plights. The study then inducts the successful paradigms of the outstanding principle leadership. To achieve the goals above, the researcher applies the method of qualitative interview research to this study. Totally four interviewees are in this study, including two outstanding principles who have received the award of Principals of Excellent Leadership from Ministry of Education, and two school-related personnel who have collaborated with the two principles respectively. Through interviews and supplementing with literature review to collect, analyze, and organize related information, the researcher conducts suggestions based on the research results for other principles and associated units to use as referneces. The results from this research are shown as followed. 1.Outstanding principals create the value in life from educational behaviors based on student-centered concept. 2.Outstanding principals would set direction for school vision, reach consensus as a team, pass on the value of education, and achieve school vision. 3.Outstanding rincipals would support and encourage school members, cultivate talented people, and create warm and reliable atmosphere at campus. 4.Outstanding principals would lead the education reformation by establishing supportive work division and providing distributed leadership to reinforce efficiency of school operation. 5.Outstanding principals would enrich the connotation of learning and ensure teaching quality by offering support and feedback systems for curriculum and teaching. 6.Outstanding principals would build strategic alliance to gain educational resource, establish brand for school, and market school actively. 7. Outstanding principal’s leadership difficulties and challenges lie in the uneasiness of setting team visions together, the impact brought by the dropping of birth rate, and the multi-expectation on stakeholders. 8.Outstanding principals would establish the basis for school leadership with sufficient knowledge and respond to expectations of school stakeholders with open mind and empathy. 9.Outstanding principals would create school culture based on reliability as the orientation of reformation and build school atmosphere that is co-honored to build vision and action together. 10. Outstanding principals would set developing process for school and transform the plight and challenge by providing Systems Thinking and action practice, thus to operate the school sustainably.
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