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Title: 心智圖法教學方案對國中美術班學生繪畫表現及創造力之成效研究
The Effects of Painting Performance and Creativity on the Mind Mapping Thinking Strategy on Visual Arts Curriculum for Art Class Students of Junior High School.
Authors: 潘裕豐
Pan, Yu-Fong
Chen, Pei-Yi
Keywords: 心智圖法
Mind mapping
Painting performance
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討「心智圖法融入美術班教學課程」是否能提升國中學生的創造力表現、繪畫表現與學生對於該課程之滿意度。研究對象為新北市某國中美術班七年級學生,共三十人,實驗設計採用「單組受試者設計」,實驗處理前後分別進行三次測量,單組進行前測、中測與後測,前測與中測間進行一般美術教學課程,中測與後測間進行心智圖法融入美術教學課程。觀察實驗處理是否具有教學成效,課程共實施十六週。研究工具包括「威廉斯創造思考活動測驗」、「國中學生創造性量表」、「兒童繪畫表現」等量化工具,並以相依樣本單因子變異數分析來驗證假設,並整理學生對課程的滿意度作為輔助資料。 本研究結果歸納如下: 一、國中藝術才能美術班實施「心智圖法融入教學」,能提升國中學生創造力表現。 二、國中藝術才能美術班實施「心智圖法融入教學」,能提升國中學生繪畫表現。 三、國中藝術才能美術班學生對於「心智圖法融入教學」,多呈現正向之感受。 根據本研究之發現與省思,研究者提出相關建議,以供後續教學及研究參考。
The purpose of this study is to explore “Mind Mapping Thinking” into art class teaching curriculum.It aims to see if it improves middle school students’ creativity and painting performance, as well as their satisfaction and influence on the course. The study was conductrd with 30 students,subjects of the study are the seventh grade students of a middle school art class in New Taipei City. The experimental approch was used the "one-group pretest-posttest design". Three measurements are taken before and after the experimental treatment. A single group will take pre-test, mid-test and post-test, general art teaching courses between pre-test and post-test, and mental mapping into art teaching courses between mid-test and post-test. Course implementation lasted for 16 weeks.Three quantitative instruments,inclu- ding Creativity Assessment Packet,The Creativity Aptitude Scale for junioer high school and Children's Drawing Connotation Performance Scale were revised and used in this study.The stastic methods were “One Way Repeated Measurement ANOVA”. The qualitative data such as student's feedback and learning satifaction questionnaire statistics were also collected to aid the analysis of the experimental effect. The results of this study are summarized as follows: 1.Theimplementation of "Mind Mapping into Teaching" in the middle school art class can improve the creativity of middle school students. 2.The implementation of "Mind Mapping into Teaching" in the middle school art class can improve the painting performance of middle school students. 3.Students improve their learning movitation and they are also highly satisfied with feedback on learning. Based on the findings and reflections of this research, the researchers put forward relevant suggestions for subsequent teaching and research reference.
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