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Title: 習近平對台政策持續與變遷之研究
A Study on the Continuity and Change: Xi Jinping's Policy toward Taiwan
Authors: 范世平
Fan, Shih-Ping
Kan, Tsung-Hsin
Keywords: 對台政策
Taiwan policy
Xi Jinping
Cross-strait relations
One country, two systems
Chinese Dream
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 習近平於2012年11月中共十八大當選中國共產黨中央委員會總書記、中國共產黨中央軍事委員會主席,於2013年3月第十二屆全國人大第一次會議當選中華人民共和國主席、中華人民共和國中央軍事委員會主席。習近平正式成為中共黨、政、軍之最高領導人。 習近平的對台政策如「和平統一」、「一國兩制」、「反對台獨」等大方向沒有改變,而習近平上任後持續延續北京對台「對官方更硬、對民間更軟」之相同應對方式,並以自身曾提及「中國夢」、「兩個一百年」等民族復興理念,開展各層面的對台工作,本研究主要目的是研究習近平上任後中共對台各層面政策中,探討習近平在未來中共對台各項政策發展,本研究透過層次分析來研究影響習近平對台政策之個人因素、中共因素、台灣因素與國際因素。本研究亦有整理以及分析習近平接任中共總書記後的對台重要言論,以及整理並分析習近平對台政策之外交與經濟等各項層面。 研究發現台灣因素影響習近平對台政策最多,而且影響習近平對台政策的各項因素增加,另外也發現習近平的對台政策作風強勢,並以軟硬兼施的策略製造台灣民眾的對立,且對台政策更加多元、而台灣問題對習近平來說雖重要但卻非「急迫」。
Xi Jinping ’s policies toward Taiwan such as “peaceful reunification”, “one country, two systems”, and “opposition to Taiwan ’s independence” have not changed. However, Xi Jinping has continued the same way Beijing responds to Taiwan “harder to the official and softer to the people” after taking office. , And carried out work on Taiwan at all levels based on the national revival concepts such as the "Chinese Dream" and "Two Hundred Years". The main purpose of this study is to study the policy of the Chinese Communist Party on Taiwan at all levels since Xi Jinping took office, and to discuss the future development of the Chinese Communist Party's policies on Taiwan in Xi Jinping. This study uses level analysis to study the personal factors, CCP factors, Taiwan factors and International factors. This study also organizes and analyzes Xi Jinping's important talks about Taiwan, as well as the political, diplomatic and economic aspects of Xi Jinping's Taiwan policy. The study found that Taiwan factors have the most influence on Xi Jinping’s Taiwan policy, and various factors affecting Xi Jinping ’s Taiwan policy have increased. In addition, Xi Jinping’s style of Taiwan policy has also been strong, and the strategy of using both hard and soft to create Taiwan ’s opposition to Taiwan ’s people, the policy toward Taiwan is more diverse, and the Taiwan issue is important to Xi Jinping, but it is not "urgent."
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