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Title: 華人社會之節慶創造與認同建構:以馬來西亞雪蘭莪州「巴生歌樂節」為例
Festival Creation and Identity Construction in the Overseas Chinese Society: A Case Study of Klang Music Festival (KMF), Selangor, Malaysia
Authors: 江柏煒
Chiang, Bo-Wei
Horng, Shih-Huei
Keywords: 海外華人
Overseas Chinese
Chinese society
Klang Music Festival
festival creation
identity construction
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 馬來(西)亞位居馬六甲海峽,是東西交通運輸的樞紐,成為中國人下南洋經商的聚居地之一。華人從17世紀開始在沿海聚居城市中成立各類型的宗鄉會館,具有社會功能、福利功能及仲裁功能,角色類似原鄉地方的官府,有凝聚華人向心力的作用。華人傳統的文娛生活隨著華人移民來到馬來(西)亞地區,不僅受到華人的重視,並受到良好的發展。但隨著新型的娛樂型態引入、戰後社會風氣變遷,華人的傳統文娛生活逐漸沒落,激起各華人社團文化保存的危機意識。 1974年位於雪蘭莪州巴生市的音樂性社團,聯合創立巴生歌樂節以推廣健康之音樂文娛活動,試圖力挽狂瀾。巴生歌樂節的各社團輪辦制度是歌樂節的創舉,跨越傳統的方言群疆界,加強會館與會館間的連結。巴生歌樂節創立至今45個年頭,它已具備節慶的成熟制度與儀式,截至目前最多曾有29個宗鄉會館、音樂社團、報紙媒體等共同舉辦,這種跨越方言群合作的節慶,對內不僅促進了會館內部的傳承與團結,且重新建構巴生華人對華人文化認同;對外則直接及間接的推動了音樂界的發展,推廣巴生地區的文化形象。 本文集中討論了馬來(西)亞華人社會戰後文娛活動的演變,以及巴生在地的音樂性團體的發展,並介紹巴生歌樂節被創造的過程及發展,探討巴生歌樂節對華人團體及華人社會之內部整合作用,以及對馬來西亞音樂界及巴生市之外部連結的影響。
Malay (Malaysia) was one of the overseas settlements for the diasporic Chinese since 16th century. And Malaysia is located in Malaca Bay, which is an important interjunction of the West and the East. From 17th Centry, Chinese started to build variations of associations which has functions of society, fuctions of welfare and functions of arbitration. The associations played the role like local government of hometown, and it had the force of congealing the Chinese’s cohesion. Chinese traditional cultural life came with Chinese immigrants to Malaysia, not only valued by Chinese, but also developed well. But as the new type of entertainment were introduced and the society had changed after the Second World War, Chinese traditional cultural life had declined casually, which arouse the crisis awareness of cultural persevation in Chinese associations. In 1974, the musical clubs in Klang, Selangor, tried to turn the tide and co-founded Klang Music Festival(KMF) to promote healthy recreational activities. KMF’s association rotation system was a pioneering. It surpassed the boundaries of traditional dialect groups and strengthened the link between the associations. KMF has been established for 45 years, it has the matured systems and ceremonies for festivals. Up to now, there have been up to 29 associations, music clubs and news medias to host the festival together. This festival of cooperation across dialect groups not only promotes the inheritance and solidarity within the association, but also reconstructs the Chinese cultural identity inside the Chinese in Klang. The external community directly and indirectly promotes the development of the music industry and generalizes the cultural image in Klang area. This article focuses on the evolution of post-war recreational activities in Malaysian Chinese society and the development of music groups in Klang. At the same time, it introduces the process and development of the KMF, and explores the internal integration of the KMF to Chinese groups and Chinese society, and the impact on the external connection of the Malaysian music industry and Klang City.
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