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Title: 臺灣教科書中的韓國論述與「韓流」—以高中地理教科書為例
Korean Discourse and Korean Wave (Hallyu) in Taiwan Textbooks-An example from Senior High School Geography Textbooks
Authors: 金恩美
Chin, En-Mei
Chang, Keng-Yao
Keywords: 韓國論述
Korean Discourse
Korean Wave
High School Geography
High School Geography Textbooks
Curriculum Guidelines
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: 亞洲在1990年代後期至2000年代初期,掀起一股所謂的「韓流」風潮,這股文化潮流對於臺灣之影響甚鉅。而「韓流」中的重要元素,無論是韓劇、電影,抑或是被稱為K-POP的流行音樂,這股足以代表韓國的文化力量,至今仍持續影響著全世界。據此,筆者認為在「韓流」形成初始至今,已然成為我們認識韓國之關鍵踏板,故本研究以「韓流」作為研究企機。並以教科書的觀點切入探討在近廿年來,高中地理教科書中對於韓國論述內容之呈現有何變化。本研究將以高中地理教科書做為內容分析之研究對象,並試圖從地理教科書區域地理中的韓國單元,解析關於韓國論述的歷程變化,以及「韓流」相關論述如何反映並影響高中地理教科書的內容。 此外,臺灣教科書在編輯制度上,則必須根據教育部所制定之課程綱要(簡稱課綱)。本研究將以教育部所修正發布歷年之普通高級中學「地理」課程綱要,據此所編訂之地理教科書作為主要分析目標,並以龍騰、翰林、南一、三民等四間出版社為主。總體而言,本研究將以歷年課綱所編制之高中地理教科書做為研究對象,並實例分析教科書文本中韓國相關內容,以及對於「韓流」所帶來的影響係如何反映在教科書文本之中。
From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Asia set off a so-called "Korean Wave"(Hallyu). This cultural trend had a huge impact on Taiwan. The important elements of "Korean Wave", whether it is Korean dramas, movies, or popular music known as K-POP, represent the cultural power of Korea and continue to influence the world today. Based on this, the author believes that the "Korean Wave" has become a key stepping stone for us to understand South Korea since its inception. Therefore, this research uses "Korean Wave" as a research motivation. And from the textbook point of view, in the past two decades, high school geography textbooks have changed the presentation of the content of South Korea. This research will take high school geography textbooks as the research object of content analysis, and try to analyze the changes in the history of Korean discourses from the regional geography of geography textbooks, and how the "Korean Wave" related discourses reflect and influence the high school geography textbooks content. In addition, the editing system of Taiwanese textbooks must be based on the curriculum guideline formulated by the Ministry of Education. This research will take the "Geography" curriculum guideline of general high school revised and issued by the Ministry of Education over the years, and the geography textbook compiled based on this as the main analysis target, and will be based on four publishers: Lungteng, Hanlin, Nan-I, and San-Min. In general, this research will take the high school geography textbooks compiled over the years as the research object, and analyze the relevant content of South Korea in the textbook version and how the influence on the "Korean Wave" is reflected in the textbook version.
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