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Title: 生涯未確定當事人對敘事取向生涯諮商之經驗內涵分析
Other Titles: The ContentAnalysis on the Experiences of CareerCounseling in a Narrative Approach with Career Indecision Clients
Authors: 蕭景容
Ching-Jung Hsiao
Chiao-Ling Hsu
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在了解生涯未確定者在敘事取向生涯諮商中的經驗內涵。研究參與者為八位經立意取樣所邀請之生涯未確定者,他們接受四到九次的敘事取向生涯諮商,結束後並進行一次追蹤訪談,以回溯其接受諮商過程中的經驗內涵。資料分析方式採敘事分析中的類別-內容分析方法。研究結果發現接受敘事取向生涯諮商之經驗內涵,包括「與己關係」、「與助人者的諮商關係」、以及「與重要他人關係」等三個層面。第一,在與己關係層面,包括了:影響生涯因素的覺察、重拾生命的主導權、自我價值感的轉變、新的覺察與洞察、談不愉快往事的抗拒到豁然開朗、方向與目標的釐清帶來積極與正向的行動力。第二,關於諮商關係的部分,包括:當事人感受到的諮商心理師與諮商關係、當事人認為諮商心理師有效的諮商技巧。第三,在與重要他人關係層面,包括:當事人對於重要關係對生涯決定、其他關係互動模式影響的覺察,以及覺察自己與對方,理解帶來的接納與關係轉變。本研究最後根據研究結果加以討論,並針對實務工作及未來研究提出建議。
The main purpose of this study was to understand the experience of career indecision clients who received career counseling in a narrative approach. Recruited through purposive sampling, the participants were eight career indecision individuals, who had received four to nine sessions of career counseling in a narrative approach. A follow-up interview was conducted to explore the experience the of the participant's in these counseling sessions. The data were analyzed with"categorical-content" method in narrative analysis. The results indicated that the experience contents in receiving career counseling in a narrative approach consist of three aspects: "relationship with", "counseling relationships with the counselor", and "relationship with significant others". First, in relationship with self, the important experiences included awareness of factors influencing caree; over one's life, transformation of self-esteem; new pereptions and insights; going through resistance to openness with unhappy experiences; positiveness and motivations from clarification of goals. Second, relationships with the counselor included the counselor and counseling relationships perceived by the clients and counselor's techniques perceived as effective by the clients. Third, relationships with significant others included clients' awareness of the influence of their significant relationships on their career decisions and on their interactions with others; awareness of the acceptance and transformation of relationships brought about by understanding of the relationship between self and significant others. Finally, the research results were discussed and suggestions were provided for practices and further studies.
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