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Title: 令狐楚編《御覽詩》舊說釋疑及內容辨證
Other Titles: An investigation into the developing relation between “Poems for Emperors” edited by Chu Linghu and poetry of the Mid-Tang Dynasty
Authors: 徐國能
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 令狐楚編纂《御覽詩》是「唐人選唐詩」中重要的官方選集,但此書不僅詩篇散逸,同時其編選旨趣、去取標準和內容評價,歷來皆有不同的說法。就本文觀察,《御覽詩》欲效《詩經》選三百篇歌詩作品,傳唱禁中,因此所選皆屬近體,不納古風;而在作者的考量上,令狐楚採取了只選前輩、不錄後輩;但選才子,不收巨卿的原則,除了體現令狐楚的閱讀視野,也反應了該集便於入樂的優柔風情。而歷來諸說,如「只選中唐」之論,今考並不準確;政治立場影響選詩標準的假設,亦不明顯。過去評家對《御覽詩》之評述較為狹隘,多有不足;而將之與《篋中集》、《才調集》等作品相較,其高下之冹亦反映了不同時期詩歌的審美傾向。是知《御覽詩》除了具有保存中唐時期某些小詩人作品的價值,同時也具有校勘上的意義,並保存了部分中唐詩歌的真實面向。
This project details the following study areas: “research background”, “research methods”, “expectations of the research results”, and “academic publications of recent years”. This project plans to make a deep survey into Chu Linghu‟s literary activities to illustrate how these activities showed the development of poetry during the Mid-Tang Dynasty. Although, in the history of literature, Chu Linghu‟s poetry is not well-known, he compiled a series entitled “Poems for Emperors”, which even now stands as the most complete anthology of “Tang Dynasty poems selected by Tang people”. The book places importance on the works of Fang-Ping Liu, Ju-Yuan Yang, Yi-Lee and Lun Lu, while neglecting the more famous poets such as Ju-Yi Bai and Yu-Xi Liu, which illustrates political and aesthetic opinions of the time, which are worthy of a thorough investigation. Thus, this project will focus on “Chu Linghu‟s literary activities and their influence” and “selecting standards and opinions of „Poems for Emperors‟ ”, in order to make an analysis of how the two affected each other.
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