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Title: 中華職棒賽事主播形象之研究-以緯來體育台為例
A Study on the Anchor’s Image of Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL): A Case Study of Sport Videoland
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Keywords: 中華職棒
Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL)
Sport Videolan
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討不同閱聽人對中華職棒賽事主播形象評價之差異,以曾經於職棒22年 (2011年) 及職棒23年 (2012年) 有透過緯來體育台收看中華職棒球賽轉播之閱聽人為研究對象,採取「便利抽樣」的方法進行網路問卷調查,共回收515份問卷,所得資料以統計軟體PASW 18.0for windows進行描述性統計、項目分析、信度分析、探索性因素分析、獨立樣本t檢定與單因子變異數分析,並得到以下結論:一、中華職棒賽事節目閱聽人主要為: (一) 29歲以下具有大學校院教育程度之男性學生為主; (二) 平均月收入在18,780元以下; (三) 大部分有支持的中華職棒球隊; (四) 從事棒壘球運動1年以上; (五) 固定觀看中華職棒賽事節目達5年以上,亦有觀賞其他棒球賽事節目。二、中華職棒賽事主播形象可分為「風格態度」、「專業能力」、「播報技巧」三個面向,須同時具備新聞傳播的專業能力和運動項目專業能力。三、近兩年來,閱聽人認為緯來體育台中華職棒賽事主播形象是正面的且非常熱愛運動,但在新聞傳播專業方面較顯不足且求知慾較弱。四、人口背景變項對緯來體育台中華職棒賽事主播形象具有顯著差異。
The study was to discuss the differences between audiences and the comments on the CPBL anchors’ images. The subjects in this study were those watched CPBL games on VideoLand TV program during 2011 to 2012. The data were collected by using the “convenience sampling” method via the internet questionnaires and 515 were valid. The PASW for windows 18.0 statistical software was applied to analyze questionnaire data. Statistical methods included descriptive statistics, reliability analysis, item Analysis and t-test. The results were as following: 1. Demographically, the majority of CPBL audiences were: (1) Males at the age below 29 with education level of college/university and above. (2) Their average monthly income was less than $18,780 TWD. (3) Most of them were the fans of CPBL. (4) They played baseball or softball for at least 1 year and watched CPBL for at least 5 years. 2. The CPBL anchor’s images were divided into three dimensions including style and attitude, professional ability and reporting skills. In addition to the three dimensions, anchors should possess the professional reporting ability and sports knowledge. 3. The audiences thought that the anchors’ images should be positive and sporty. However, the anchors’ specialty was not professional enough and their aspiration to knowledge was not that strong. 4. Demographically, the personal factor toward the anchors’ images was significant difference.
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