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Title: 以代理人理論分析臺灣網球運動員與經紀人之關係
A Study on the Relationship between Taiwanese Tennis Athletes and Sports Agents on the Basis of Agency Theory
Authors: 張少熙
Shao-Hsi, Chang
Keywords: 委託人-代理人關係
Principle-Agent Relationship
Taiwanese tennis athlete
Sports agent
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 稱職的運動經紀人對運動員是職業運動生涯成功的因素之一。本研究旨在探討國內網球運動員與經紀人代理關係,透過文獻分析法對於運動經紀人與代理人理論相關文獻作彙整分析,對於臺灣職業網球運動員實施訪談。研究結果:一、網球運動員隨著生涯變化,需求有所不同,在契約上可能會遇到限制,經紀人必須協助網球運動員與經紀公司重新擬定或更改合約,確保雙方合作關係,能使雙方達到最佳的利益。二、網球運動員簽定契約時通常抱著有專業人士會幫忙處理事情的單純想法,未與經紀人針對契約中每項條款做討論與解釋,最後發現簽定之契約是偏向保護經紀公司且讓經紀公司可獲得較多利益。三、網球運動員與經紀人不只有金錢上的利益衝突,當網球運動員需要經紀人找尋贊助廠商與資源時,運動經紀人可能會要求網球運動員先要有好成績,運動員卻可能在這時認為當本身擁有好成績時就不需要運動經紀人協助找尋贊助與資源。四、 國內網球運動員與運動經紀人的佣金都是以抽成的方式收取,並且是每年結算,經紀人會因為收取佣金的不同來決定照顧網球運動員的時間與事項。五、網球運動員認為經紀人是能瞭解網球運動員本身的狀況,且能與網球運動員進行良好的溝通與協商,更要清楚各項合約、處理稅務之外,最重要為網球運動員找尋最大利益。擁有運動經紀人的網球運動員通常成績會有所提升,目前臺灣職業男子網球運動員幾乎都有運動經紀人來代理球場外的事務,但簽約前須先釐清各項條款。未來研究需對於國內男女網球運動員與經紀人做全面性的研究,方能讓未來網球運動員進入職業網壇前知道經歷前輩們所經歷之困難,避免同樣問題重蹈覆轍。在政策上則需政府加速推動運動經紀人執照與相關課程,方能保障運動經紀人工作權力與有效的認證。
As far as athletes are concerned, competent sports agents can be critical to their professional careers. This study is aimed at discovering the relationship between domestic tennis athletes and sports agents. It adopts literature review analysis as the study method, conducting interviews with domestic tennis athletes to conclude the following study results: I. The demands of tennis athletes may vary with their careers. Therefore, sports agents are required to help renew or modify the contracts between athletes and agencies to secure the partnership and interests of both parties.II. When signing the contract, tennis athletes tend to believe the agency naively instead of discussing the contract thoroughly with their agents. Such a contract may turn out to be in sports agency’s favor.III. The interest conflicts between tennis athletes and agents are not limited to financial ones. For example, when the former require the latter to seek for sponsors and resources, the latter may ask the former to gain some fame and recognition in sports first instead.IV. The commission the sports agents charge domestic tennis athletes is collected annually. In addition, the services of sports agents are determined by the amount of commission.V. Tennis athletes see their agents as those who comprehend their conditions well, conduct good communication, have clear ideas of contracts and taxation, and seek for the best interests for athletes actively.Tennis athletes tend to perform better with the help of sports agents. Besides, a high percentage of domestic tennis athletes employ sports agents to care for matters outside the tennis court. However, they are strongly recommended to study the contract thoroughly to avoid potential argument. Future research will be concerning the comprehensive studies on domestic male and female tennis athletes and sports agents so that future tennis athletes may avoid confronting the same difficulties when starting their professional careers. Government is require to promoting sports agent license and courses, therefore to ensure the work’s right and effective authenticate of sports agent.
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