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Title: Club Med臺灣區品牌行銷策略關鍵成功因素之研究
A Study on Key Success Factors of Club Med Brand Marketing Strategy in Taiwan
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Lee, Shih-Hsuan
Keywords: Club Med
Club Med
brand marketing strategy
key success factor
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究目的為瞭解Club Med起源歷史與其在臺灣之發展、瞭解Club Med臺灣區分公司品牌行銷策略、瞭解Club Med品牌行銷策略的關鍵成功因素;研究方法透過Club Med高階主管半結構式訪談結果為基礎設計評分問卷,進而以修正式德爾菲法、分析層級程序法,擬定出Club Med臺灣區分公司品牌行銷策略關鍵成功之因素。本研究結論透過權重分析結果後,以總體之層面來說服務行銷甚為重要,首重互動行銷策略、次為產品策略、最後是產業環境分析。以品牌行銷外部分析層級來說,首重產業環境分析,接著是市場分析,最後是競爭力分析。以品牌行銷策略層級來說,最為重要的是產品策略,再來是價格策略,接著是通路策略,最後為促銷策略。以服務行銷策略層面來說,互動行銷策略比內部行銷策略相對重要。
The study was to understand the history and development of Club Med in Taiwan, surveying the brand marketing strategy of the branch of Club Med in Taiwan, explore the key success factor of brand marketing strategy of Club Med. Based on the results of semi-structured interviews of two senior managers of Club Med, the research further to adopted modified Delphi method, analytic hierarchical process to frame the key success factors of the brand marketing strategies of Club Med. According to the results of the weight analysis, the most important dimensious of all are brand marketing strategy, product strategy, and industrial environment analysis. Regarding to the external analysis of the brand marketing straytegy, the industrial environment analysis plays the significant role among all dimensions, and market analysis and competitiveness analysis are also key dimensions. As for the hierarchy of the brand marketing strategy, the principle dimensions is product strategy, and then is the price strategy, place strategy, and the last is promotion strategy. With the notion of the hierarchy of service marketing strategy, interactive marketing strategy is relatively critical than internal marketing strategy.
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