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Title: 節慶活動策略規劃之研究-以「花在彰化」活動為例
Strategic Planning of Festivals: A Case Study of Flowers in Chang-Hua
Authors: 蔡錫濤
Ted Shir-Tau Tsai
Ching Li
Hung Yu-Tzu
Keywords: 節慶活動
Strategic Planning
Marketing Mix
Flowers in Chang-Hua
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 彰化縣政府於2004年在溪州公園舉辦了第一次台灣花卉博覽會後,迄今已經連續舉辦7屆花卉博覽會,活動的主要目的在行銷彰化縣的花卉產業、地方特產,進而行銷整個彰化縣。本研究的研究目的在從主辦單位的角度探討節慶活動的策略規劃,包含活動策略規劃、人力資源管理及行銷組合三部分,研究範圍以「2010花在彰化」溪州公園之活動為主,研究設計以質性研究之個案研究法,以文獻分析法分析相關資料,以深度訪談法針對活動利害關係人進行訪談,包含:主辦單位、協辦單位、解說員、參展廠商、遊客及居民。研究發現本活動由為縣政府主導活動規劃,以發包或委託方式尋求協辦廠商,活動所需短期人力則由主辦單位自行分配及外包廠商協助,活動的串場人員以觀光解說協會支持,行銷方式以廣告及網路為主要管道。本研究之結論:彰化縣政府之活動策略為1.善用地方特色產業、2.整合公家資源、3.與人民團體合作、4.結合民間創意、5.活動範圍擴大。
Chang-Hua County Government has held 7 Taiwan Flower Exhibitions consecutively since the first time in Shijou Park in 2004. The main purpose of these activities is to promote the flower industry of Chang-Hua County. The goal of this study is to investigate the strategic planning of festivals from sponsors’ point of views. These include three parts, which are strategic management of activities, human resource management of activities, and promotion of activities. The scope of this study is based on the festival held in Shijou Park: The 2010 Flowers in Chang-Hua. This researcher adopted case study anddocument analysis of qualitative research method to collect the necessary data and employed indepth interview technique to interview stakeholders including organizers, sponsors, tour guides, company participants, tourists and local residents. This research has found that the activity was conducted and planned by Chang-Hua County Government; while Chang-Hua County has commissioned to seek sponsors. The short-term lack of human resource is aided and resolved by Tour Guide Association of Chang-Hua County and the main channel of promotion is the medium and Internet. Conclusion of this research is as follows :Activity Strategies of Chung-Hua County are :1.take advantage of industries of local features, 2.take advantage of government resources, 3.take advantage of civilians’ power of union, 4.Combine local creativity and 5.expand activity ranges.
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