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Title: 健身俱樂部私人教練課程之顧客參與動機與服務品質之研究
A Study on Customers’ Participation Motivation and the Service Quality of Courses of Personal Trainers of Fitness Clubs
Authors: 施致平
Shih, Chih-Pin
Chen, Mei-Yen
Lan, Heng-Jung
Keywords: 健身俱樂部私人教練課程
Courses of Personal Trainers of Fitness Clubs
Participation Motivation
Service Quality
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 私人教練課程,在外商健身產業進駐來台便開啟此專業服務市場,亦是健身俱樂部另一收入來源。目前國內各大健身產業甚至個人健身工作室都有此課程服務,提供顧客一項專業的私人健身服務。鑑此,本研究以探討健身俱樂部私人教練課程之顧客特性分析,並了解不同背景變項對參與動機與服務品質之差異情形,以提供給相關產業與私人教練專業者未來規劃與經營方式之參考。本研究採問卷調查法,研究內容包含參與動機量表、服務品質量表、以及人口統計變項三個部分。就世界健身中心臺北市八家分店目前參與私人教練課程之顧客為研究對象,以便利抽樣方式進行問卷調查,正式施測問卷發放600份,有效問卷386份。回收資料以SPSS 20.0進行資料處理,經描述性統計、獨立樣本單因子變異數分析、雪費事後比較方法、皮爾森積差相關分析。研究結果為,參與健身私人教練課程顧客,以女性略多於男性,年齡層以20-29歲、大專院校學歷最多,婚姻狀況以已婚者且無小孩佔多數,職業以其它 (家管與學生) 最多,參與課程時間以一年內佔多數,接觸課程原因以同事、親友介紹,續購原因為課程效果;不同教育程度在參與動機之壓力情緒、社交休閒有顯著差異;不同教育程度在服務品質之關懷性有顯著差異;參與動機與服務品質之間有顯著相關。彙整本研究之分析與討論,提出以下建議:一、以顧客的角度與思維來衡量私人教練課程的服務,了解尋求健身私人教練課程顧客之目的,提昇顧客動機增加參與意願。二、強化健身私人教練專業素質、提昇課程品質及週邊環境之品質維護。
Course of personal trainers have been started since the foreign fitness industry came to Taiwan, which have also become another source of income for the fitness club. At present, every major fitness industry and even personal fitness studios in Taiwan teach such courses, providing customers with a professional personal fitness service. In view of this, this research discusses situations of customers of courses of personal trainers of fitness clubs and learns about the effects of different background variables on participation motivations and service quality so as to be used as reference for future planning and business patterns of related industries and personal trainers. It conducts a questionnaire survey and its content includes participation motivation scale, service quality scale and demographic variables. It studies customers participating in courses of personal trainers of Taipei’s 8 branches of World Gym Fitness Centers and conducts the survey through sampling, issuing 600 questionnaires with 386 effective ones returned. The collected data are processed with SPSS 20.0 and analyzed with descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA of independent samples, Scheffe's method and Pearson product-moment correlation analysis. The research results show that more women than men participate in such courses; most customers are aged between 20-29 and graduated from universities and colleges; married people without children are in the majority; most of their occupations fall under the category of Others; most of them have participated within one year; the courses were introduced to them mostly through their colleagues and relatives; they continued the courses because of the effects; there is a significant difference in the pressure, socializing and leisure of participation motivations for people with different educational backgrounds; there is a significant difference in the caring for the service quality for people with different educational backgrounds; there is a significant relationship between the participation motivation and service quality. After organizing the analyses and discussions of the research, it makes the following suggestions: I. Measure the service of courses of personal trainers from the perspective of customers and learn about why customers participate in such courses so as to improve their motivation and participation willingness; II. Strengthen the professional quality of personal trainers, improve the quality of courses and maintain the quality of the external environment.
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