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Title: 2016馬來西亞羽球奧運奪金計畫之探討
Malaysia’s Strategies for Elite Badminton Development in 2016 Olympic Game
Authors: 王宗吉
Wang, Chun-Ch
Tsai, Hsiu-Hua
Yee Ming Yuan
Keywords: 運動文化
Sports culture
Sports organization
Structural Functionalism
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究以結構功能論為基礎,探討2016馬來西亞奧運奪金計畫之過程。首先藉由文獻分析瞭解馬來西亞羽球發展,進而探討馬來西亞羽球組織與奪金計畫之間的關係。本研究採半結構式訪談法,所得的結論為:一、馬來西亞羽球發展主要以馬來西亞羽球協會為主,十四個州屬會和七個機關協會輔助發展。二、巴西奧運馬來西亞獲得三面銀牌,相較於倫敦奧運,馬來西亞在發展體育上做出很大努力。三、馬來西亞羽球協會在經費、人力和政策都需要尋求外界支援。四、被視為國球的馬來西亞在國球認同上獲得肯定,但在培育人才卻出現斷層現象。因此對未來奪金計畫的建議為:一、在組織關係網絡的穩固經營必須增加經費來源及定期召開會員大會。二、學校、協會、俱樂部三方面必須互相合作。三、讓運動員把體育當成是一種職業。四、重視女性運動員的發展,讓女性運動也成為一種競爭力。五、重視民間有人認識與企業的聯結。對於學術之建議:一、多使用結構功能論為理論依據作為研究。二、馬來西亞應該注重競技管理與人文研究。三、奪金計畫需配合多方策略、參與策略及全方位資源整合。
This study based on Structural Functionalism, this study explores the process of 2016 Malaysian Olympic gold medal plan. First of all, through the literature analysis to understand the development of the Malaysian badminton, and then explore the relationship between the Malaysian badminton organization and Podium Programme. In this study, the semi-structured interview method, the conclusion is: First, the development of the Malaysian badminton mainly to the Badminton Association in Malaysia, fourteen state associations and seven organ associations to support the development. Second, the Brazil Olympic Games Malaysia won three silver medals, compared to the London Olympics, Malaysia has made great efforts in the development of sports. Third, the Malaysian Badminton Association in the funding, manpower and policies need to seek outside support. Fourth, is regarded as the national ball of Malaysia in the national identity on the recognition, but in the cultivation of talent but there is a fault phenomenon. Therefore, the proposal for the future gold plan is as follows: First, in the organization of the relationship between the network must be a substantial increase in funding and regular members of the General Assembly. Second, schools, associations, clubs must cooperate with each other three aspects. Third, let the athletes to sports as a career. Fourth, attention to the development of female athletes, so that women's sports has become a competitive. Fifth, pay attention to people and people know the link. For the academic recommendations: First, the use of structural functional theory as the theoretical basis for research. Second, Malaysia should focus on competitivemanagement and humanities research. Third, the gold plan to be with the multi-party strategy, participation strategies and all-round resource integration.
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