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Title: 體驗行銷、知覺價值對於女性顧客購買運動用品意願之研究
The Influences of Experiential Marketing, Perceived Value on Female Customers’ Purchase Intention on Sports Merchandise
Authors: 程紹同
Cheng, Shao-Tung
Chen, Chin-Han
Keywords: 體驗行銷
experiential marketing
perceived value
female customer
sports merchandise
purchase intention
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 單純強調產品特性與品質的行銷時代已過,抓住顧客經驗感受與情感,才能創造出觸動人心的行銷方式。根據教育部體育署「103年運動城市調查」顯示,男女規律運動人口比例的差距從民國101年的11.2%,縮減至民國103年的9.5%,可以看出女性運動人口大幅成長。女性消費力也大增,讓許多以往注重男性市場的運動品牌開始調整其行銷策略,嘗試以女性消費者的角度切入,善用體驗行銷的方式,展現出對於女性運動用品市場企圖心。本研究於2015年3月1日至3月31日以臺北市18歲以上曾參與知名品牌所舉辦的女性體驗活動或是實際有入店裡消費的女性消費者為研究對象,進行調查,並以描述性統計、單因子變異數分析、Pearson相關分析及多元逐步迴歸等統計分析方法進行資料分析,所得結論如下: 一、本研究之購買運動用品之女性消費者以年齡21~30歲的未婚大學學生居多,月收入為10,000元以下,從事規律運動年資也為一年以下且每週運動一次,平時購買運動用品頻率為半年以上,每月平均花費的費用為1,000元以下,大多數偏好在信義區購物。 二、體驗行銷策略模組與知覺價值對於購買意願具有正向預測力。 三、感官體驗、思考體驗、行動體驗、關聯體驗、功能價值、情感價值以及貨幣價值為有效預測女性消費者運動產品購買意願之預測變項。
According to Ministry of Education of Taiwan, the results of the 2014 Sports City Survey indicate that the gap between male and female sports population are from 11.2% in 2012 down to 9.5% in 2014, it’s showed that female’s sports population growth rapidly. Meanwhile, women's purchasing power is getting stronger. Most of sports brand began to adjust thier marketing strategy and tried to show how ambitious they are in women's sports field. This study was employed to gather data from 400 womens who are over 18 years old from March 1st to March 31th, 2015. According to the data collected from the questionnaire, one-way ANOVA, Pearson’s product moment correlation, and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data and the results are as followed: 1.Most of female consumers who purchase sports merchandise are from twenty-one to thirty years old, unmarried university students, average monthly income is $10,000NTD, regular exercise seniority is one year or less and do exercise once a week, their purchase frequency of sporting merchandise is more than six months, the average monthly cost is $1,000NTD, they mostly prefer shopping in Xinyi district, Taipei City. 2.Strategic experiential modules indicate the positive prediction power on female consumers’ purchase intention in sports merchandise. 3.Sensory experiences, innovative cognitive experiences, physical experiences and entire lifestyle, social identity experiences, emotional value, functional (price/value for money) value, functional performance/quality) value are served as a strong predictor of female consumers’ purchase intention in sports merchandise.
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