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Title: 女子排球選手參與沙灘排球運動之動機研究
A Study of Exercise Participation Motivation in Beach Volleyball for Women VolleyballPlayers
Authors: 張恩崇
Chang, En-Chung
Keywords: 排球
beach volleyball
college volleyball league
sports training
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 沙灘排球與室內六人制排球為現代亞奧運並列的正式比賽項目,現今全世界的運動贊助商業氣息濃厚,尤以沙灘排球更具商業效益特色。運動選手參與運動賽事的原由不盡相同,不同的選手擁有不同目標與參與動機,進而可能產生小至態度、動機,大至運動表現等不同影響,這些差異也可能導致該項運動項目的盛衰。故本研究目的在於瞭解國內大專公開女子組第一級排球選手參與沙灘排球運動之動機相關情形,並分析影響選手參賽的因素為何。 本研究參考使用楊欽城、陳進發(2004)所編製「大專學生排球運動參與動機量表」做為研究工具,以104學年度大專排球聯賽報名公開女子組第一級選手12隊共166位為研究對象;經發放30份預測問卷後進行信效度分析。正式問卷於105年3月26日至3月27日大專排球聯賽複、決賽期間進行問卷發放調查,實得有效樣本為144份,回收有效率為86.7%。本研究將有效問卷以描述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定、單因子變異數分析等統計分析方法進行資料分析。研究結果發現如下:一、分析結果顯示在參與沙灘排球運動上,公立學校與私立學校女子排球選手間並無顯著差異。二、不論是在學制屬性、系科類別、各年級類別、學校所在地區、排球校隊年資與參與沙灘排球的經驗上,各組別均無顯著之差異。
Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball Six tied for the modern Olympic transport official event, today's movement all over the world brought strong business atmosphere, especially beach volleyball and more business benefits features. Athletes participate in sports events different reasons, different players have different goals and motivations to participate, which may produce small attitudes, motivations, ranging from different influences athletic performance, etc. These differences may also lead to the rise and fall sports. Therefore, this study aims to understand the domestic public college women's volleyball players to participate in the first stage of the motivation of the relevant circumstances beach volleyball, and analyze factors affecting contestants why. In this study, using the reference city Yang Qin, Chen embarked (2004) prepared by the "college student volleyball participation Motivation Scale" as a research tool for academic year 104 college women's volleyball league registration open first-class players for the 12 teams a total of 166 research Reliability and Validity 30 parts by issuing questionnaires after forecasting; object. Formal questionnaire in college volleyball league complex, during the final 105 years March 26 to March 27 issued a questionnaire survey was real effective sample of 144 were returned 86.7%. In this study, questionnaires descriptive statistics, independent sample t test statistical analysis, one-way analysis of variance and other data analysis. The results found are as follows: First, the analysis results are displayed on participation in beach volleyball, there is no significant difference between public and private schools women's volleyball players. Second, whether it is in the school system property, faculties categories, each grade category, school district, school volleyball team and years of experience to participate in beach volleyball, each of the groups had no significant differences.
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