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Title: 不同震動式頻率對於女排彈跳能力之研究
The effect of different stimulus of whole body vibration on female volleyball players' jumping abilities
Authors: 張恩崇
Keywords: 雙平台震動訓練
Duplicate- plates WBV
jumping abilities
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 不同震動式頻率對於女排彈跳能力之研究 指導教授:張恩崇 研究生:廖琬如 摘要 本研究旨在探討兩種不同震動頻率與相同刺激振幅下,對彈跳能力的增進程度之影響。利用雙平台震動訓練及Kisler測力板為實驗器材,在不同震動頻率(本研究訂為第一組30-30Hz及第二組20-40Hz),震動振幅相同為 2mm,並於震動式訓練前、後進行「單次反向跳、半蹲跳測驗」,兩種動作各進行兩次,並以獨立樣本t考驗進行比較(α=.05)。本研究對象為18位優秀大專女子排球選手(平均年齡20age、身高170cm、體重63kg)為受試者,並將選手隨機分派為每組9人,共分為兩組30-30Hz、40-20Hz組。研究結果顯示:一、單次反向跳在接受雙平台震動訓練後,只有在30-30訓練組下有顯著性的增強效果,在統計上達顯著的差異(P<.05)。二、半蹲跳在接受四週訓練後,其考驗的增強效果差異都未達顯著水準(P>.05)。 雙平台震動訓練對女子排球選手爆發力有一定的效果,進而帶動爆發力的強度,尤其在單次反向跳的效果最具明顯。 關鍵詞:雙平台震動訓練 彈跳力
The effect of different stimulus of whole body vibration on female volleyball players' jumping abilities Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of different stimulus of whole body vibration (WBV) and the same amplitude on female volleyball players' jumping abilities. Duplicate- plates WBV and Kistler force plate was used in this study. The frequencies of WBV were set at 30-30 and Hz20-40Hz, and the amplitude of WBV was set at 2mm in all training program. All participants were tested by twice counter movement jumps and twice half-squat jumps before and after the training programs in order to investigate the influences of the program. Paired T-test was used to analyze all the data. Significant level set atα=.05. Sixteen elite female volleyball players participated in this study (average age: 20years, average height: 170cm, average weight: 63kg). All the participants were divided into two groups by eight each randomly. The findings showed: (1) 30-30Hz training program significantly improved single CMJ ability after being trained by duplicate- plates WBV (p<.05). (2) However, there is no significant difference in half-squat jump after four weeks training. Keywords: Duplicate- plates WBV, jumping abilities
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