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Title: 踢擊移動物體:目標速度是否會影響跆拳道後踢表現?
Kicking moving object: is target speed used in guiding Taekwondo back kick?
Authors: 劉有德
Liu, Yeou-Teh
Wu, Yu-Tai
Keywords: 跆拳道
Back kick
Movement Time
Movement Initiation
Spatial Accuracy
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 跆拳道是一種技擊型運動,其以踢擊作為主要得分方式。後踢為跆拳道重要 的踢擊技術之一,由於後踢動作是以直線朝對手的身體或是頭部踢擊,因此常被 作為旋踢攻擊的反擊動作。在跆拳道比賽中,雙方選手會為了攻防而不停的移動 位置,有效的踢擊必須於準確的時間擊中移動目標,方能於比賽中獲取分數;然 而,目標物的移動速度是否會對踢擊動作時間和空間準確度產生影響?目的:本 研究針對不同速度目標物對跆拳道後踢的動作時間、動作起始時間和空間準確度 進行探討。方法:本研究招募十名優秀男性跆拳道選手參與實驗,實驗參與者須 對目標物進行後踢, 每位實驗參與者皆須對四種不同速度之目標物進行十次踢擊, 每次踢擊將會以每秒 300 幅之高速攝影機錄影,再使用 Kinovea 軟體擷取運動學 資料,以計算動作時間、時間誤差、目標空間準確度和角度空間準確度的數據。 統計分析將使用單因子重複量數變異數分析對不同速度之目標物的動作時間和時 間誤差進行檢測,而不同速度之目標物的目標空間準確度和角度空間準確度, 則用 皮爾森卡方進行獨立性檢驗,統計顯著值設為𝛼 = .05。結果:動作時間和時間誤 差在不同的目標速度下沒有顯著差異, 但目標空間準確度和角度空間準確度則與 不同目標速度有關連性,當目標的速度增加,目標空間準確度和角度空間準確度 會隨之下降。結論:目標的速度並不會影響跆拳道後踢動作時間和動作起始時間, 但卻與空間準確度有關聯性。
Taekwondo is a full contact sport where most points are scored through kicks. Back kicks are used for counter kicks of round house kick. To score points, the kick has to be accurate both spatially and temporally. However, during the Taekwondo fight, both athletes are constantly moving, making it a moving target to attack. How does the moving speed of the target affect the characteristics of the kicking movement? The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of different speed of moving target on the movement time, movement initiation, and spatial accuracy of Taekwondo back kick. Ten elite Taekwondo male athletes were recruited for the experiment. The participants were asked to kick a stationary object (0 speed) and a moving object with 3 different speeds in a random order with 10 trials each. High-speed cameras with 300 fps and the Kinovia digitizing software was used for this experiment. The movement time (MT), temporal error (TE), target spatial accuracy (TSA) and spatial accuracy of the sand bag angle (ASA) of the back kicks were examined. The one-way repeated measure ANOVA was used for the speed conditions on MT and TE. Chi Square tests of independence were used for the 4-speed conditions in SA and 3-speed conditions in ASA. The 𝛼 level of significance was set at .05. The results showed that there was no significant effect of object speed in MT and TE. The Chi square results showed the significant associations between the different speed conditions in TSA and ASA. In conclusion, the speed of object did not influence the movement time and the movement initiation of the back kick. The spatial accuracy, however, had strong association with the target speed.
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