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Title: 成功籃球教練領導行為之研究─以永仁高中女籃為例
The study of successful basketball coach’s leadership behavior: A case study of Yong-Ren senior high school women’s basketball team
Authors: 梁嘉音
Liang, Chia-Yin
Liu, Hsi-Yeh
Keywords: HBL
coach’s leadership
successful leadership
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究主要目的旨在探究成功籃球教練領導,與分析成功二連霸的歷程與關鍵成功因素。研究中採質性研究,以永仁高中女籃教練與二連霸時期主力球員為受訪對象,藉由深度訪談法進行資料蒐集,輔以相關文獻資料及影音報導加以分析。根據研究資料分析結果,永仁高中女籃教練之價值觀強調運動技能提升與球員品德與全人發展,同時教育「凡事盡力」、「勇敢表現」。又自身行為是「以身作則、全力以赴」,並兼具有「耐心、責任感、公私分明」之特質。以「因材施教」的教學方式,並依球員個別的特性予以指導,而生活上將球員「視如己出」的關心和照顧,訓練理念,秉持「要求確實」之理念,提供明確的訓練內容及目的,並讓球員明確了解,訓練時重視個別差異並予以不同指導。將球隊塑造成一個「家」的感覺以及標竿象徵,處事原則秉持「公私分明」,期待球員行為舉止能深受學校重視,又於社區與政府單位經營為有紀律、有禮貌之清新形象,以獲得認同。永仁高中女籃教練多元化的角色,是教練、領導者、關懷者亦是家長,較屬於「家長式領導行為」,強調「選手第一、勝利第二」之哲學觀,並於訓練上要求確實、注重視個別差異,並善於營造球隊凝聚力、社會形象,以求資源援助與支持,使其連霸歷程得以順遂。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the study of successful basketball coach’s leadership behavior and key success factor of winning steak. The qualitative study was conducted by in-depth interviews, to interview the Yong-Ren women’s basketball team coach and the five players who to participate the championship game. Interview results are supplemented by literature review, collation and analysis via the concept of narrative analysis. According to the results, the values of Yong-Ren women's basketball coach was focusing on sport skill promotion and emphasis on the player's moral and human development, while education “everything try to do best”, “brave performance”. Their behavior was “leading by example, go all out”, and “patient, responsible, public-private partnerships”. The training method was based on the player's characteristics, and concerned player’s life. The concept of training was “reliable”, and providing clear training content and purpose. The team molded into a “family”, the principles of dealing with things is public and private and to expect players can be well received by the school, but also in the community and government units operating for a disciplined, polite fresh image to get recognition. The conclusions following as: Yong-Ren women's basketball coach diversified role, is the coach, leader, caring is also a parent, more "paternalistic leadership". The philosophical of coach is “Athletes fist, winning second. In training, the requirements are reliable and emphasized individual differences. Good at creating a team cohesion, social image, in order to resource assistance and support, so that even the process of relying on the smooth.
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