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Title: 大專排球選手止觀特質與心理技能 對排球發球失誤之預測  
The predictive utility of mindfulness and psychological skill on service’s error rate among Division I collegiate volleyball players
Authors: 梁嘉音
Liang Chia-Yin
Chen, Yi-Ju
Keywords: 排球
psychological skill
error rate
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究主要目的在瞭解大專排球聯賽公開一級排球選手止觀特質與心理技能對排球發球失誤率之預測情形。以103學年度有晉級公開一級複賽之24隊伍為研究對象。研究經徵得選手同意後,共發出271份問卷,有效問卷為195份。研究工具包括、中文版「止觀覺察注意量表」與運動員心理技能量表,錄影記錄複賽全部賽程並計算排球發球失誤率。資料蒐集完成,以描述統計、皮爾遜積差相關、獨立樣本t-test與單因子變異數分析與多元迴歸進行處理,得到以下幾點主要發現:一、103學年大專排球聯賽公開一級選手的具有中等的止觀特質與心理技能,反之,發球失誤率偏低之情形。二、103學年大專排球聯賽公開一級男女選手的止觀特質、心理技能與發球失誤率在性別、年級和訓練時數有差異存在。三、103學年大專排球聯賽公開一級男女選手的止觀特質與心理技能的「可教導性」和「專注」呈正相關,而發球失誤率與心理技能的「專注」呈負相關。四、103學年大專排球聯賽公開一男女選手的止觀特質無法有效負向預測發球失誤率。五、103學年大專排球聯賽公開一級男女選手的心理技能的「專注」能有效負向預測發球失誤率。
This study was to examine the prediction of mindfulness and psychological skill on service’s error rate among division I collegiate volleyball players. The participant were 195 volleyball players recruited from 24 Division I universities competed in University Volleyball League 2014. After received the informed consent from players, they were requested to complete Chinese-version Mindful attention Awareness Scale and psychological skill Inventory which assess their mindfulness and psychological skills. The service’s error rate was collected in 2014 semi-final. After the data collection, descriptive statistics, Person’s correlations and multiple linear regression analyses were used to analyze the data. The results indicated that: (1) Collegiate volleyball players’ mindfulness and psychological skill were showed median degree, but service’s error rate was low. (2) The mindfulness, psychological skill and rate of service’s error were found significant difference on gender, grade and training hours. (3) Mindfulness was positively associated with “coachability” and “concentration” in psychological skill. The service’s error rate was negatively associated with “concentration” in psychological skill. (4) Mindfulness could not predict service’s error rate. (5) The “concentration” in psychological skill negatively predicted service’s error rate.
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