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Title: 金門緬甸蟒(Python bivittatus bivittatus)的活動模式、棲地利用與體溫調節
Movements, habitat use and thermoregulation of Burmese python (Python bivittatus bivittatus) in Kinmen island
Authors: 林思民
Lin Si-Min
Chou Shih-Ping
Keywords: 棲地利用
habitat use
home range
radio telemetry
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 緬甸蟒(Python bivittatus bivittatus)是世界上最大型的蛇類之一,因為在美國為外來入侵種而惡名昭彰。由於緬甸蟒的入侵,許多關於緬甸蟒的研究受到高度的重視;然而針對於原生地族群的研究目前仍舊極度缺乏。在本研究中,我們將針對於原生地緬甸蟒的基礎生態資料進行調查,例如:活動模式、活動範圍、棲地利用以及體溫調節,以利未來為原生地緬甸蟒保育方面提供有效的管理策略。本研究自2010年五月至2013年二月以無線電追蹤進行資料收集,總共追蹤了12隻個體。結果顯示,緬甸蟒在夏季及秋季的夜晚頻繁活動,在溫暖的季節裡一個晚上的移動距離可以達到至少1.2公里,而一年內的活動範圍可達到892.7公頃。隨著季節的變化,緬甸蟒也有季節性的棲地利用,同時藉由改變棲地利用來調節體溫。在夏季會選擇高覆蓋度的棲地,並頻繁的使用沼澤、灌叢、草地以及森林的環境,避免白天體溫過高。而冬季則會選擇廢棄的軍方地下通道或是洞穴來躲藏,以躲避寒冬的低溫。
The Burmese python Python bivittatus bivittatus, one of the largest snake species in the world, is famous due to its invasion to USA. Although quite a few studies have been conducted on the invasive population, scientific information of in the native range is still extremely scarce. In this study, we aim to investigate the basic ecological information of the python such as activity pattern, home range, habitat use, and thermoregulation in order to provide a proper management strategy for their conservation. From May 2010 to February 2013, radio telemetry was applied to track 12 individuals. The results showed that the pythons have a highest activity in summer and autumn nights, with the potential to move more than 1.2 km within a single night in warm seasons. The home range size may exceed 892.7 hectare within a year. The results also showed that seasonal habitat use could effectively help regulating their body temperature to avoid from extreme temperatures. The pythons chose high canopy cover habitat and frequently used marshes, shrubs, grasslands, forests in summers, while underground tunnels and caves were commonly used as refugia in winters.
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