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Title: 中部山區台灣水鹿(Rusa unicolor swinhoii)活動模式之探討
Activity pattern of Formosan sambar deer (Rusa unicolor swinhoii) in central Taiwan
Authors: 王穎
Ying Wang
Yu-Chuan Liao
Keywords: 台灣水鹿
Formosan sambar deer
activity pattern
seasonal variation
sexual difference
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 活動模式為動物何時活動及利用其棲息的環境,是了解一物種如何與環境互動必要的訊息,透過動物活動模式的研究,可了解一物種對環境的利用及時間的分配,是了解動物適應不同環境的線索。台灣水鹿(Rusa unicolor swinhoii)為台灣現存最大的陸域草食獸,但其基礎生態資訊仍相當缺乏。本研究以紅外線自動相機監測太魯閣地區(磐石、陶塞)台灣水鹿的活動模式,欲了解其活動模式季節變化、雌雄差異、不同生理週期間的調整,另外,在丹大地區進行監測,嘗試了解狩獵活動對水鹿活動模式的影響。2010年10月至2013年4月間共架設了56個自動相機站,總工作時數288260小時,取得5122張水鹿有效照片。水鹿整體活動模式呈明顯晨昏雙峰型,活動模式隨季節調整,春冬兩季日間相對活動比例較高,夏季夜間相對活動比例較高,秋季則日夜相當。雌水鹿呈晨昏有活動高峰,雄水鹿日間有多個活動高峰,而雌雄水鹿四季活動模式除秋季有別,其餘三季有相似的變化趨勢。在狩獵壓力的影響下,水鹿活動模式不呈晨昏雙峰型,活動高峰集中在清晨,其餘時段活動頻度皆較低,可能為反映狩獵時間所進行之調整。
In this study, we used remote camera to monitored activity pattern of sambar deer(Rusa unicolor swinhosii) at Taroko National Park to understand the seasonal variation, sexual difference and behaviral adjustment between different physiological cycle. In addition, we monitored the activity of sambar deer at Danda area to learn the effect of hunting on sambar deer’s activity pattern. From October 2010 to April 2013, we set 56 camera stations and acquire 5122 photos from 288260 hr field recording time . The activity pattern of sambar deer showed bimodal peaks(dawn and dusk) and changed with season at day light hours. The relative activity ratio during spring and summer were high in the daytime; while it was high at nighttime in summer and no difference in fall. The activity pattern of female in general showed bimodal peaks and the male showed several peaks throughout the time among seasonal variation. There was no seasonal difference between sexes except in fall. That under hunting pressure, sambar deer had activity peak in the dawn suggests that sambar deer adjust their behavior according to the hunting activity
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