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Title: 自由犬隻對台灣北部淺山地區野生動物影響之探討
The impact of free-ranging dog to wild animals at low elevation mountains in North Taiwan
Authors: 王穎
Ying Wang
Shin-Hao Kao
Keywords: 自由犬隻
Free-ranging dogs
wildlife conservation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 自由活動的犬隻在台灣山區對野生動物造成一定的衝擊。為了解自由犬隻在台灣北部淺山相對豐度、分布現況以及對當地野生動物造成的影響,本研究於2012年1月至2013年4月在台灣北部淺山選取32條登山步道設置樣線,以穿越線調查法觀察樣線內自由犬隻與野生動物個體之出現與互動情形,並於樣線內架設32台次紅外線自動感應照相機,記錄出現的物種個體,藉以了解台灣北部山區現有自由犬隻豐度與分布,探討犬隻與野生動物的影響。吾人並於2013年4月至2013年7月訪查台灣北部地區的泰雅族部落以了解當地居民飼養的犬隻與該地區野生動物的互動情形。結果顯示野生動物紀錄頻度與自由犬隻紀錄頻度相關性極低(r=-0.28 p=0.939)。從紅外線自動相機及救傷資料的結果得知,野生動物與自由犬隻活動高峰期有所不同,而炮子崙步道、中埔山、貴子坑及二格山等地區自由犬隻與野生動物除了棲地有重疊的現象外,在時間上彼此也有間接互動的可能。訪查結果則得知高砂犬及虎斑犬具有較多獨力攻擊野生動物的紀錄(58%, n=11),而冬季時自由犬隻對當地野生動物的攻擊紀錄也相對較高(45.95%, n=17),因此對於山區部落的犬隻經營管理方式,吾人建議特定品種的犬隻(如高砂犬及虎斑犬)的飼養放任程度能予以縮小,並且在冬季時減少外出,是有可能得以減少犬隻對野生動物的影響。本研究將作為有關單位擬定野生動物保育方案與自由犬隻經營管理策略之背景資料。
Dog(Canis familiaris) may cause negative impacts on wildlife. To understand the free-ranging dogs`s relative abundance, distribution, and impacts on local wildlife at low elevation mountains, we used transect line survey and camera trapping at 32 hiking trails in low elevation mountains of north Taiwan to observed and recorded the appearance and interaction of free-ranging dogs with the wild animals from January 2012 to April 2013.In addition to I visited Atayal tribe in northern Taiwan in order to understand the interaction of local resident`s dogs and wildlife from April 2013 to July 2013. The results showed that there was little correlation between the relative abundance of the wild animals and the free-ranging dogs(r=-0.28 p=0.939). The periods of peak activity was difference between wildlife and free-ranging dog, and the wild animals had indirect interaction with the free-ranging dogs possibility in the time except they had habitat overlap with free-ranging dogs in Paozilun Trail、Chungpushan、Guei-Zi Keng Trail and Erge Mountain from the results of the infrared trigger cameras and ambulance data. It will be able to reduce the dog`s impact on wild animals by reducing egresses and indulgent degree of some specific breed (for example Takasago Dog and The Formosan Tigerspot Character)in winter because of interview result to know Takasago Dog and The Formosan Tigerspot Character have more attack records(58%, n=11) to wild animal than other breed, in addition free-ranging dogs have more attack records to local wild animals in winter(45.95%, n=17) than other season. This study will serve as the important background information to the government to set up conservation and management plans to free-ranging dogs and wildlife.
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