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Title: 台灣產杜鵑斑蛾屬之系統分類學研究
Systematics of Rhodopsona (Zygaenidae, Chalcosiinae) species group in Taiwan
Authors: 徐堉峰
Yu-Feng Hsu
Shen-Horn Yen
Keywords: 杜鵑斑蛾
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 杜鵑斑蛾屬(genus Rhodopsona)的成員包含近十種專食杜鵑科植物的日行性斑蛾,分布範圍西起喜馬拉雅山脈東側,包含整個中南半島以及中國西南,東抵台灣。井上寬曾在1987 年時對四種產於台灣的杜鵑斑蛾做過分類處理,然而在檢視過所有相關的模式標本後,我們發現他對於模式產地的詮釋以及同物異名的指定上有所衝突,因此該分類處理的可靠性存疑。本研究的目的就是要重新檢視台灣產杜鵑斑蛾的分類地位。我們利用粒腺體氧化酶第一次單元(COI)以及額外的一段核基因(Ef1α)的DNA序列進行親緣分析,並將親源分析的結果與形態以及生態資料結合,用以判斷台灣產杜鵑斑蛾的分類地位。結果顯示,台灣只有一種杜鵑斑蛾,那就是寬緣杜鵑斑蛾 Rhodopsona rutila Jordan, 1910,而細緣杜鵑斑蛾 Rhodopsona marginata (Wileman, 1910,Rhodopsona decolorata Hering 1930 與 Rhodopsona formosana Matsumura, 1911 都是寬緣杜鵑斑蛾的新同物異名(syn. nov.)。因此,台灣族群在翅膀顏色以及發香構造上的變異被認定為種內的表形多型性。本研究是斑蛾科中第一個使用COI進行物種判別的例子,結果指出COI在判別杜鵑斑蛾種類時效率很高,但是我們也建議使用COI進行物種判別的時候,至少要加入兩種有良好形態分類基礎的種類一同分析,以獲得可靠的種間遺傳距離,並依此判別物種。
The genus Rhodopsona Jordan, 1907 comprises about ten species of diurnal zygaenid moths whose larvae exclusively feed on ericacean plants. They distribute from East Himalaya throughout Indochina Peninsula and South-West China to Taiwan. Inoue proposed a synonymy about four Rhodopsona spp. relevant to Taiwan. However, several conflicts were identified after we examined all related type specimens and the taxonomic treatment was considered problematic. Aim of this study is to revise the chaotic taxonomy. We employed mitochondrial gene cytochrome c oxidase I (COI or cox1) and a supplementary nuclear gene elongation factor I alpha (Ef1α) in phylogenetic analyses, and cooperated the results with morphological and ecological data to investigate taxonomy of Taiwanese Rhodopsona species. In results, we proposed there is only one Rhodopsona species in Taiwan, viz. Rhodopsona rutila Jordan, 1910, and revised the status of Rhodopsona decolorata Hering, 1930 and Rhodopsona formosana Matsumura, 1911, and Rhodopsona marginata (Wileman, 1910) as new synonyms (syn. nov.) of rutila. Consequently, variation of wing color and androchonial organ was considered as intraspecifically phenotypic polymorphism. This study is the first case among Zygaenidae using COI fragments to delimit species, and concludes COI having high efficiency in species delimitation among Rhodopsona species. Also we suggested that at least two outgroup species with well-developed morphological taxonomy should be included in order to obtain comparable interspecific genetic divergence while usingCOI to delimitspecies.
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