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Title: 台灣產馬兜鈴屬植物之分類研究
A Taxonomic Study of Aristolochia L. (Aristolochiaceae) in Taiwan
Authors: 王震哲
Jenn-Che Wang
Chun-Lan Yang
Keywords: 馬兜鈴
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究利用外部形態、花粉形態、地理分佈等資料對台灣產馬兜鈴屬(Aristolochia)進行分類研究,研究結果顯示果實形態、花序、染色體數及花粉形態在亞屬之間具有差異,花萼筒、種子及葉片形態與葉表面被毛則是作為種間區分的重要特徵。此外,各類群之間具有地理區隔,可作為分類的參考。 本研究結果將台灣產馬兜鈴屬植物處理為七個類群,包括一個新紀錄種琉球馬兜鈴(A. liukiuensis) 和二個新種A. palmata及A. pahsienshanensis;認為A. heterophylla和A. kaempferi屬錯誤鑑定,將其處理為A. shimadai。
The genus Aristolochia in Taiwan was taxonomically revised based on morphological, palynological, and phytogeographical studies. The results show that morphology of fruit, inflorescence, pollen grains, and chromosome number display inter-subgeneric difference, while morphology of calyx tube, seeds, leaves, and vesture of leaf-blades are the most important characters for classification of Taiwanese species. In addition, unique distribution pattern for each taxon also provides useful information. As a result, seven taxa of Aristolochia were recognized in Taiwan, including a newly recorded species (A. liukiuensis) and two new species (A. palmata and A. pahsienshanensis). The names A. heterophylla and A. kaempferi used by former taxonomists are now considered to be misapplication of A. shimadai.
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