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Title: 台灣產當歸屬植物之分類研究
A Taxonomic Study of Angelica L. (Apiaceae) in Taiwan
Authors: 王震哲
Jenn-Che Wang
Hung-Hsin Chen
Keywords: 當歸屬
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究利用外部形態、花粉形態、細胞學及地理分佈等資料,針對臺灣產繖形科(Apiaceae)當歸屬(Angelica L.)植物進行分類研究。研究結果顯示在外部形態上植株毛被物類型、小苞片形狀、花藥顏色及果實形態是種間較重要的區別特徵,而小葉形態、小葉質地、小葉葉脈及萼齒形狀也可提供部份分類之參考。此外,各分類群在地理及海拔分佈上的差異,亦可作為分類的參考。 根據研究結果,將臺灣產當歸屬植物處理為七個分類群,包括一新種阿禮當歸(A. aleensis)及一新紀錄種毛當歸(A. pubescens)。此外,將原先根據小葉大小及其上被毛程度區分之南湖當歸(A. morrisonicola var. nanhutashanensis)併入玉山當歸(A. morrisonicola);臺灣當歸(A. taiwaniana)與森氏當歸(A. morii)僅在小葉形態上有差異,而將其合併。
The genus Angelica Linneaus (Apiaceae) in Taiwan was taxonomically revised based on morphological, palynological, chromosomal and phytogeographical evidences. Morphology of vesture, bracteole shape, anther color and morphology of fruits are the important characters for the classification of Taiwan taxa. The texture of leaflet, leaflet vein and calyx-tooth also provide useful application for distinguishing some Taiwan taxa. Altitudinal and geographical distribution also shows more or less interspecific difference. As a result, seven taxa in Taiwan were recognized, including a new species A. aleensis and a new recorded species A. pubescens. Besides, A. morrisonicola var. nanhutashanensis, characterized by smaller leaflet and pubescent under surface of leaflet is treated as synonym of A. morrisonicola. Angelica taiwaniana which differed from A. morii only in leaflet morphology is also treated as synonym of the later.
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