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Title: 台灣產薔薇屬植物之分類研究
A Taxonomic Study of Rosa L. (Rosaceae) in Taiwan
Authors: 王震哲
Jenn-Che Wang
Ling-Ya Hung
Keywords: 薔薇科
Taxonomic Study
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究利用外部形態、花粉形態、地理分布等資料,針對台灣產薔薇屬(Rosa L.)植物進行分類研究,研究結果顯示在外部形態上,托葉形態與葉片形態是台灣產本屬植物分類最重要的特徵,花色、花柱形態、薔薇果形態等是區分部份分類群的參考特徵,花粉外壁紋飾也略有種間差異。此外,各分類群在海拔分布範圍上的不同,亦可作為分類的參考。 根據研究結果,將台灣產薔薇屬植物處理為九個分類群,包括一新種毛葉薔薇(R. pubinervis)。將玉山薔薇(R. morrisonensis)提升為種的階級;將濱野薔薇(R. bracteata var. scabricaulis)與台灣濱薔薇(R. bracteata var. taiwanensis)併入琉球野薔薇(R. bracteata);將亨利氏薔薇(R. henryi)併入山薔薇(R. sambucina);將台灣野薔薇(R. multiflora var. formosana)併入高山薔薇(R. transmorrisonensis);小金櫻(R. taiwanensis)與霧社山薔薇(R. sambucina var. mushaniana)皆併入小金櫻(R. pricei var. pricei)之同物異名;確認長期沒有採集記錄的台灣光葉薔薇(R. luciae var. rosea)的存在,並根據詳細形態比較,將其轉移為R. pricei之變種--R. pricei var. rosea;將光葉薔薇(R. luciae)自台灣地區排除。
The genus Rosa Linneaus (Rosaceae) in Taiwan is taxonomically revised based on morphological, palynological and phytogeographical studies. Morphology of leaves and stipules are most important characters for the classification of Taiwan taxa. Flower color, styles and hips are useful characters in distinguishing some taxa. Pollen exine sculpture also shows little interspecific difference. Altitudinal, different distribution over different altitudes can also provide useful information. As a result, nine taxa in Taiwan were recoginzed, including one new species R. pubinervis. Rosa morrisonensis is elevated to species level. Rosa bracteata var. scabriacaulis and R. bracteata var. taiwanensis are treated as synonym of R. bracteata. Rosa henryi is treated as synonym of R. sambucina, and Rosa multiflora var. formosana as synonym of R. transmorrisonensis. Both R. taiwanensis and R. sambucina var. mushaniana are treated as synonyms of R. pricei var. pricei. The existence of R. luciae var. rosea in Taiwan is reconfirmed and transferred as R. pricei var. rosea. Rosa luciae is excluded in the study.
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