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Title: 台灣產蜘蛛抱蛋屬植物之分類研究
Authors: 王震哲
Keywords: 蜘蛛抱蛋屬
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本論文利用外部形態、花粉形態、生殖生物學、生態與地理分布及分子等方法針對台灣產蜘蛛抱蛋屬植物(Aspidistra Ker-Gawl.)進行分類研究,結果將本屬植物處理為3個分類群:薄葉蜘蛛抱蛋(A. attenuata)、大武蜘蛛抱蛋(A. daibuensis)及霧社蜘蛛抱蛋(A. mushaensis)。 台灣產蜘蛛抱蛋屬植物的外部形態以花的形狀、花冠筒長寬比值、柱頭形態、花被裂片厚度及萼裂片附屬物為最重要的分類特徵;葉子形態具有變異,不過仍可以作為分類上參考。花粉形態方面,所有種類皆為無溝孔型與疣狀突起的外壁紋飾(verrucate exine)。生殖生物學方面,台灣產蜘蛛抱蛋屬植物有兩個主要花期,四至六月與十至十二月;傳粉者則為生活於落葉中的小型節肢動物。生態及地理分布方面,台灣產蜘蛛抱蛋屬植物所有物種皆有明顯區隔的分布區域。分子資料部分,在初步篩選的DNA片段中皆未發現可供進一步分析的marker,其中核基因組之ITS片段擁有多個copies,且copies間具有高度變異,葉綠體基因組trnL-trnF及psbA-trnH兩個spacer各只擁有1個變異位點。
The genus Aspidistra (Liliaceae) in Taiwan was taxonomically revised based on morphological, palynological, phytogeographical and molecular studies. Three species, A. attenuata, A. daibuensis, and A. mushanensis, are recognized. Morphology of flower shape, the ratio of height (or length) to width of perianth tube, shape of the stigma, thickness of the lobes, and appendages are important characters for classification within the genus in Taiwan. The leaf morphology has variations, but still provides some useful information in identification. Pollen grains of all taxon are spheroidal, nonaperturate with verrucate exine sculpture. About reproductive biology, Aspidistra in Taiwan has two main flowering seasons, April to June and October to December. Pollinators could be the small arthropods. Geographically, all species in Taiwan are allopatric. In preliminary molecular study, we observed many copies with high variation in ITS, and the intergenic spacer of trnL-trnF and psbA-trnH each only having one variable site.
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