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Title: 蔣廷錫(1669-1732)《畫群芳擷秀冊》研究
A Study on Jiang Tingxi’s Picked Beauties of Beautiful Flowers
Authors: 王正華
Wang, Cheng-Hua
Su, Ya-Fen
Keywords: 蔣廷錫
Jiang Tingxi
Flower Painting
Kangxi Reign
Sino-Western Encounter
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 現藏於國立故宮博物院的《畫群芳擷秀冊》為康熙皇帝與蔣廷錫(1669-1732)共同製作的書畫冊頁。這件作品以十二種花卉為主題,每一開的書畫皆使用不同顏色的色箋紙製作,右側為康熙皇帝書寫歌詠花卉的詠物詩詞,左側為蔣廷錫所繪的花卉畫。由於本作品作於色箋紙上,因此在視覺呈現顯得較為特殊,設色也出現非傳統中國繪畫的特徵。除此之外,作品主題增加塞外花卉的題材,亦非傳統詩詞與繪畫常見的主題。 本文以《畫群芳擷秀冊》為研究對象,分別從繪畫、書法和作品內容切入,逐步釐清這件作品在清朝花卉畫的定位。《畫群芳擷秀冊》的繪畫風格及媒材的選擇呈現康熙朝宮廷藝術對於顏色的重視,且試圖在設色上融合中國繪畫風格及當時可見的「海西法」,呈現新的視覺效果。康熙皇帝在《畫群芳擷秀冊》書寫的的書法風格及內容,呈現康熙皇帝從被動學習轉為主動掌握漢文化,以個人的書法和詩詞能力,傳遞自己欲收編天下人才的訊息。作品主題亦反應康熙皇帝在統治中期意圖調整中國傳統知識體系,加入帝國新元素,建構出適合滿清帝國的新文化。文章最後以《畫群芳擷秀冊》討論蔣廷錫在清朝宮廷繪畫的重要性,認為蔣廷錫是建立康熙朝花卉畫中西折衷風格的重要角色。
The “Picked Beauties of Beautiful Flowers ” now in the National Palace Museum, is an album of paintings and calligraphy jointly produced by Emperor Kangxi and Jiang Tingxi (1669-1732). This work is based on twelve spices of flowers. Each set consists of a poem written by Emperor Kangxi and a flower painting by Jiang Tingxi. They are all made of various colored paper. With the using of colored paper as the media, which gives the work a special visual presentation, and the coloring of paintings also presents a style that different from Chinese tradition. In addition, the theme of the work has added the flowers beyond the great wall, which is not common in poetry and painting traditions. This study takes “Picked Beauties of Beautiful Flowers ” as the research object, and cuts it from the perspective of painting, calligraphy and works, to clarify the positioning of this work in the Qing Dynasty flower painting. Its selection of painting styles and media highlights the emphasis on color in the Kangxi era, as well as the incorporation of Chinese painting and the "Western Techniques" that were visible at the time to present a new visual experience. The calligraphy style and content written by Emperor Kangxi in it presents his mastery of Chinese culture, and conveys the message of recruiting talents over the empire through the calligraphy and poetry. The theme of the work also reflects the intention of Emperor Kangxi to adjust the traditional Chinese knowledge system in the middle of the reign, join the new elements of the empire, and construct a new culture suitable for the Qing Empire. Discussion of the importance of Jiang Tingxi's painting in the court of the Qing Dynasty is also provided in the end of the thesis. In order to establish Jiang Tingxi as an important role in establishing the eclectic style of Kangxi Dynasty flower painting between Chinese and Western models.
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