Z世代消費行為對時尚品牌經營之影響 : 以服裝設計師品牌 HUANG SHU CHI 為例

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dc.description.abstractGeneration Z means the generation born between 1996 and 2010. Today, the early part of the Z generation has entered the workplace one after another, and has gradually become the main force in the future consumer market. How to master the consumption habits and behaviors of this ethnic group is crucial to the future development of the consumer industry. It is also this ethnic group’s brand preference, An important period for the formation of attitudes and cognitions. If you can seize this prime time and establish a close connection with Generation Z consumers, it will certainly be of great help to the brand's future business development. As the aborigines of the Internet age, the Generation Z ethnic group, under the influence of the mobile Internet, decentralization, and the two-dimensional culture, has shown unique characteristics of consumer behavior. In the context of consumption upgrades, this ethnic group's consumer demand for popular fashion is also changing. They pay attention to the background culture and design meaning of the brand, and they are more concerned about the consumer experience and convenience. Various signs of behavior have changed the prevailing rules and redefine fashion.In 2010, the "Cultural and Creative Industries Development Law" completed its legislation and became a national industrial policy with clear goals. The eleventh item in the cultural and creative industry category is the designer brand mentioned in this research. Relying on the value chain and value enhancement model of creative derivatives, the cultural and creative industry is extremely helpful to promote the country's economic development. This article takes the popular design and fashion industry as an example. The more important significance of developing the cultural creative industry is its influence on new creativity and old culture and craftsmanship. Develop new business models through popular and fashionable design creativity.The researcher has nearly 30 years of work experience in the fashion industry and has a deep understanding of the fashion industry. I hope that through in-depth research on the characteristics, consumption habits and potential needs of the Z generation. On the basis of the current situation and deficiencies of the popular fashion business model, combined with expert interviews and case analysis, we will create a new fashion business model that meets the needs of Generation Z consumer groups.en_US
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dc.titleZ世代消費行為對時尚品牌經營之影響 : 以服裝設計師品牌 HUANG SHU CHI 為例zh_TW
dc.titleThe Impact of Consumer Behavior of Generation Z on Fashion Brand Operation :Taking the Fashion Designer Brand HUANG SHU CHI as an Exampleen_US