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本研究採取行動研究法,探討5E探究式教學融入高中數學多元選修之可能性,以了解習慣傳統講授教學的學生,在5E探究式教學課程後,學生在數學學習成效上的改變。本研究將教師經由實施探究式課程的行動歷程中,得到的省思、心得與專業成長作彙整,提供未來各高中數學教育工作者以及多元選修教師在實施5E探究式課程或多元選修的教學活動參考。 本研究以研究者所任教高中的一年級學生中,選修本數學多元選修課程的學生(共計20人)為研究對象。以高中一年級上下學期的數學單元為教學內容,並參考近年來數學科學測試題為主要教材,以每個單元各為一個主題作試題的挑選與統整,並以課本為主要鷹架的工具書進行教學。本課程以循序漸進的方式,分成兩個行動期,課程共計13週,每個循環皆以高中一年級每個「數學單元」為主題實施5E探究式教學,透過5E探究式學習環的「參與」、「探索」、「解釋」、「精緻化」以及「評鑑」等五個步驟來設計相關的教學活動。本研究學習成效分為認知與情意,認知面關注學生數學成就表現之提升,情意面關注學生數學學習動機與興趣等態度上的改變。以本研究的教學歷程分析,學生每週的意見回饋單以及訪談,進行質性探討,並輔以學者林星秀編製之「數學學習態度量表」進行前測、後測作量化資料的分析,來探討5E探究式教學融入高中數學多元選修的實施成效。資料分析的結果歸納如下: 一、5E探究式教學理論有助於高中多元選修課程的實施與設計。 二、5E探究式教學課程實施有助於學生探究與改善學習問題。 三、5E探究式教學課程實施有助於提升學生的學習成效。 根據上述的研究結果,研究者提出相關建議,以作為未來在5E探究式課程融入數學課程以及高中數學相關的多元選修課程上的教學設計與參考。
The present study, adopting an action research, is aimed at exploring the possibility of integrating 5-E inquiry teaching model into a mathematical elective course and investigating its effects on the learning efficiency of the students who have been taught in traditional teaching method. The researcher records his reflection on the teaching process and professional growth during the course and hopes to provides some food for thoughts for educators who choose to use the same teaching method in either regular or elective courses. The participants were twenty grade-one students in the senior high school where the researcher teaches in, and these students took this elective course in this semester. The math lessons in grade one, and the test questions from the college entrance examinations in recent years were used as the main teaching materials in this course. Also, the researcher selected and compiled the test questions in each unit for all topics, and used the textbooks as the reference book to be the main scaffold while teaching. This course was divided into two action periods for the entire duration of thirteen weeks, and in every cycle the 5-E inquiry teaching model was utilized in each unit. The researcher intended to delve into students’ learning efficiency in terms of two major domains the cognition and the affection, with the former concerning students’ progress in academic performance and the latter regarding students’ changes in learning motivation and learning interests. As for the qualitative research, he reflected on the teaching processes, collected students’ weekly feedback, and conducted the interviews with the participants. Furthermore, the researcher analyzed the data by using the “mathematical learning attitude scale’’ from the scholar “Hsing-Hsiu Lin’’ to discuss the efficiency of 5-E inquiry teaching model. The results are summarized as follows: 1.The 5-E inquiry teaching model is helpful in implementing and devising the elective courses in senior high schools. 2.The 5-E inquiry teaching model is conducive for students to explore and improve their learning problems. 3.The 5-E inquiry teaching model is beneficial in increasing students’ learning efficiency. According to the results above, the researcher offered some relevant suggestions about incorporating the 5-E inquiry teaching model into the curriculum design in future related elective courses.



5E探究式教學, 高中多元選修, 數學多元選修, 鷹架, 行動研究, The 5-E Inquiry Teaching Model, Elective Courses, Scaffold, Action Research